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A Short History of Blackwater By Robert Barker

In 2003 I met a gentleman from Orlando, Florida - a former Marine that was a Desert Strom veteran. He told me he now worked for Blackwater in Iraq doing security work, and I wondered, "what could that be?"

In the past, the United States frowned on the use of paid mercenaries except in extreme clandestine operations. Today, they are a major factor in the Iraq war, and the privatization of all facets of it have turned war into a profit-seeking enterprise. Private construction firms, oil contractors, and general military support groups have been given new powers and responsibilities in the Iraq conflict.

The strongest among these mercenaries is Blackwater USA - mostly former American military hired as protection for diplomats and other personal. Trained and organized on the 6000 acre facility in North Carolina, Blackwater USA has become the strongest and most feared military force in Iraq.

This is the military organization "founded by ultra-right-wing Christian conservatives." And, at least 90% of its revenue comes from government contracts; two-thirds of which are no-bid contracts.

The first time most Americans became aware of Blackwater was the Fallujah incident where insurgents killed four "civilian contractors" and their bodies were hung on a bridge.

The sad incident was initially reported as if they were construction workers or civilian tech support, but further investigation proved they were mercenaries working for the U.S. Personally, I was shocked that the United States was hiring mercenaries in Iraq. I had already realized that Cheney-Bush were into privatizing everything in our government, but this one caught me off guard.

The later, official explanation for this incident was that these heavily armed mercenaries were in Fallujah to "protect food shipments." Yet, that day, there were no "food shipments" anywhere near the area. The Marines apparently traveled door-to-door arresting random men for interrogation. Therefore, there has been great speculation in Fallujah that these commandos were on a mission to capture or assassinate people fingered as part of the resistance. Obviously, such a mission had nothing to do with food supplies.

They were ambushed and killed, and their mutilated bodies were hung on a bridge crossing the Tigress River. The nation was shocked, and the Blackwater USA was mainstream news. When questioned concerning this operation, Blackwater refused to comment, and later claimed they were there for security for diplomats and guards for such things as food supplies, not for fighting or assassinating - as that would be against the Geneva Convention.

In August 2003, Blackwater was awarded a $21 million contract to provide security guards and two helicopters for Paul Bremer III, head of the U.S. occupation in Iraq.

Increasingly, the major task of Blackwater has been deploying its own mercenary army-- recruited from elite U.S. military forces (predominantly from Navy Seals and Marine's), SWAT police forces, and international soldiers of fortune.

Recently, it started training former Chilean commandos--some of whom served under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, for use in Iraq.

In the eyes of the Neo Cons and the Pentagon, there are many advantages to hiring mercenaries. The U.S. Pentagon does not count mercenaries as their soldiers, and it does not include dead mercenaries as military casualties. Therefore, the deployment of mercenaries means the Pentagon can downplay the size of its own involvement.

Also, the U.S. government is involved in increasing numbers of "under the radar" interventions and mini-wars all over the world. Using mercenaries to carry out these Blackwater ops enables the U.S. government to retain "plausible deniability" in the violation of sovereignty and the commitment of atrocities.

Another advantage is massive profit and corruption for the military officer corps. Military experts abandon the government payroll--yet use their in-house contacts to win massive war contracts for the same operations of logistics, training, and special operations they were already involved in. They become millionaires while continuing their former military assignments "in the private sector" and conduct these ops far outside the usual budgetary and political scrutiny.

In an American empire that loves private "capitalism" and profit, huge sections of the global machinery of killing is increasingly slipping into corporate hands. And this business of bellum is excellent. As time has gone on, more and more complaints have risen to the surface detailing Blackwater atrocities and crimes. Fear of the mercenary forces is rampant in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities. Incidents of murder, kidnapping, and general havoc have surfaced over the last four years, and little has been done about it.

Iraqi officials repeatedly complained to U.S. officials about Blackwater USA's alleged involvement in the deaths of innocent Iraqis, yet the Americans took little action to regulate the private security firm until 11 Iraqis were shot dead last Sunday. Previous to that episode, U.S. officials were made aware in high-level meetings and formal memorandums of Blackwater's alleged transgressions, yet nothing happened. They included six violent incidents this year - all allegedly involving the North Carolina firm - that left a total of at least 10 Iraqis dead. And this was just the surface.

The current escalating controversy stems from allegations that Blackwater personnel opened fire and killed innocent civilians in Iraq without defensible provocation. The Iraq government for the moment has banned the firm from further operations in the country.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice publicly apologized for the strange incident, yet otherwise, the Bush administration is reacting with diplomatic doublespeak, stressing private contractors do not readily fall under U.S. or Iraqi jurisdiction. Early in the American occupation of Iraq, a directive was given insulating American personnel from prosecution in Iraqi courts. How convenient.

While the Bush Administration screams for the immediate disbanding of what it has called "private" and "illegal" militias in Lebanon and Iraq, the same administration is spending hundreds of millions of dollars into its own global private mercenary army. The highly secretive program, which spans at least twenty-seven countries, has been a great profit windfall for the heavily Republican-connected firm in particular: Blackwater USA.

Government records recently exposed by "The Nation" reveal that the Bush Administration has paid Blackwater more than $320 million since June 2004 to provide "diplomatic security" globally. The massive contract is the largest known to have been awarded to Blackwater to date, and reveals how the Administration has elevated a small North Carolina security firm into a major profiteer in the "war on terror." Furthermore, we see more corruption alleged to have been Blackwater's doings.

On September 22nd, 2007, Federal prosecutors exposed that an investigation was underway pertaining to Blackwater employees illegally smuggling weapons into Iraq that were later possibly transferred to the PKK, a Kurdish nationalist group. This group was designated a terrorist organization by the U. S. State Department. The investigation is being conducted by North Carolina U.S. Attorney's Office with aid from auditors of the Defense and State departments. Officials claim that there is enough mounting evidence to file charges as was reported to The Associated Press on September 22nd.

A few years ago, Bush/Cheney made it imperative that if American personnel to be deployed in Iraq they would be granted "immunity from prosecution." Now we understand what he was able to atain, and that is- Protection for American private armies to engage in indiscriminate killings!

As this bellum rolls on and we see the conflict for what it really is, it becomes apparent that we are backing a right wing military group that works for a small number of corporate ventures and war profiteers - and the rest of us are victims of the privatization of public duty.

Blackwater, and those that do this type work, are outside the conventions of civility, and as such have been implicated in many atrocities in Iraq. But the globe sees this as an American black eye and we are the war-mongering people turning lose wild mercenaries on the world.

Profits from war have filled the coffers of the far right stemming from this bellum of no plausible base or reason, while the reputation and hate grow stronger towards the America people - increasing the possibility of further terror and the terror is deemed almost justifiable to the rest of the shocked world.

PPP Federal Minister for Water & Power Raja Pervez Ashraf Buys £4.3m Flat in London

By Rauf Klasra

September 06, 2009

The News, Daily Jang

LONDON: A top federal minister of the cabinet of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who was quite recently the target of frequent lethal attacks in the National Assembly (NA) in its last session on account of his alleged wheeling and dealing, is said to have purchased a multi million pound six bedroom luxury flat in the heart of London.

Many Pakistani politicians do own flats in the Central London, including Rehman Malik and others. Gen (retd) Musharraf recently purchased a multi-million pound flat in the locality where he is living alone these days. Now, this PPP minister is the last, not the least, addition to the list of a privileged class of politicians who own house or flat in London. Nawaz Sharif too owns a residential building at the Park Lane, facing the Hyde Park.

The huge house located adjacent to the Marble Arch area of London, has been purchased at a total cost of £4.3 million and the money was said to be transferred through a money exchange dealer based in F-10 Markaz. The money dealer whose name starts with “I” is said to have sent this huge money through illegal channels. The minister is said to have paid cash to buy this property instead of seeking any mortgage from some local bank, as it is usually done in Great Britain. Sources said that no mortgage was sought and the amount was paid in cash only to hide the identity of the minister who was buying the flat.

The political sources in London claimed that the money was sent in installments through Hunddi business, therefore the transfer of this money was not traced by the concerned agencies. The sources claimed that the minister could also face the serious charges of “money laundering” as he had sent the money in huge amounts through illegal channels instead of using the normal banking channels.

The sources said the minister, who is a member of PPP Central Executive Committee, had been visiting London quite frequently when Benazir Bhutto used to summon the meetings of his party men in 2007. The minister who used to live with some of the party people in London at their flats, was searching for a small flat since 2007 but his limited financial resources did not allow him to buy a flat there. The minister had also visited many places of London to find out a flat along with his political friends. The sources said the minister was always interested in buying a flat in London and he always talked with his friends how to buy a flat. His lifetime desire was fulfilled when he became a minister in the PPP government and he started minting money.

He was the only minister in the PPP government, whose stories of corruption had started making rounds in Islamabad. He even came under fire in the national media and the NA, but he always denied these reports and even vowed on Quran to establish his innocence. But, no one believed in his vows, which are very common in Pakistan to deceive the gullible general public.

The minister, who belongs to the suburbs of Islamabad, was so infamous in taking bribe and commissions in the deals that at one stage his name was at the top of those ministers who were set to be replaced and given some other insignificant ministry. However, Prime Minister Gilani, despite several vows to change this minister, never found a chance to reshuffle his cabinet.

Well, enough of the Mr. Rauf Klasra’s unsung hero, lets just be clear about it, right below this one line!

Faisal Saleh Hayaat Blast and Devour Raja Pervaiz Ashraf

Parliamentary leader of PML-Q, Faisal Saleh Hyat turned the Minister of Power and Water during a T.V show into ashes with his stunning revelations backed by facts and figures. In Kashif Abbasi’s program Off the Record, Faisal Saleh encountered Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, who was accompanied by four of his ministry bureaucrats. Alone, Faisal Saleh exposed the rental power plants and the people who were invovled in it.

Not only, the minister of power and water wasn’t able to answer satisfactorily regarding power tarriff, but the biggest crunch came when he was unable to justify the rental power plants which are very expensive and the bidding and tender and other process of alloting the projects is not transparent. Faisal Saleh Hyat also revealted that a kickback was given to President Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and to Miniter of Power in rental power plant. He also pointed out that the rental power plant in Naudero belonged to some Anwar Majeed who is frontman of Zardari. He also revealted that Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has recently purchased a house in London.

Not a single word came out of mouth of Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who spoke loudly and talked on other matters evading the pointed questions by Faisal Saleh.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry should also take suo moto notice of these charges like he did in the case of Steel Mills.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pakistan's Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile:

Pakistan is contemplating developing an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) with a 7,000 km range to make the country’s defence impregnable and strengthen the armed forces of the country against any offence. The plan was evolved after successful test fire of Agni IV, the Indian ICBM system with a target range of 6000 km, which caused an imbalance of power in South Asia.

Sources maintained that preparations are underway for the development of this long range ballistic missile and very soon it would be test fired. It would have the capacity to carry conventional and nuclear war heads. This missile, if successfully test fired, will be a milestone in the history of the country and a major achievement of scientists and engineers of Pakistan.

The possession of this ICBM not only will make Pakistan’s defence impregnable but will also help create a balance of power in the region, which defence analysts believe was disturbed by the Indian test firing of Agni IV missile with a range of 6000 kilometres.

Pakistan May Seek Chinese Interceptor Missile Defense by 2012:

Pakistan may seek help from Beijing for high-altitude and anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defenses, defense observers say. “Pakistan is actively looking to purchase a high-altitude missile air defense system,” said defense analyst Haris Khan of the Pakistan Military Consortium. “Reports indicate that the Chinese HQ-9/FD2000 developed by the China Academy of Defence Technology is the front-runner, but I think it is the only candidate, since no other supplier will sell these types of missiles to Pakistan.” But other observers here noted obstacles, including defense budget cuts and a rough patch in relations between the two governments.

The HQ-9 reportedly blends technology from Chinese efforts, Russian S-300s and an early version of the U.S. Patriot system obtained from Israel. Chinese sources say it can hit aircraft out to 125 kilometers, air-launched cruise missiles out to 50 kilometers, and ballistic missiles out to 25 kilometers — representing ABM capability equivalent to the Indian AAD and American PAC-3.

There has been speculation that Pakistan acquired an HQ-9 variant called the FT-2000 some years ago as a short-term countermeasure against India’s airborne early warning and control aircraft, but no such missile has been seen in the country, and some sources say the FT-2000 was never actually produced.

“China has always fulfilled its promise to meet Pakistan’s defense needs” Akhtar said. He noted that China needs Pakistan as a bulwark against Indian hegemony in southern Asia, and said the “all-weather, strategic Sino-Pak relationship had moved beyond a purely defense relationship” to a “deep economic relationship.” Akhtar also dismissed concerns about budget cuts, saying that the enduring Sino-Pak relationship makes him “optimistic that this would not affect Pakistan’s defensive capabilities in the long run.” But Shireen Mazari, a former head of the Institute of Strategic Studies, has written that the government’s Strategic Planning Division, which controls the planning and deployment of strategic weapons, had cut research and development funding in high-technology areas.

Khan agreed. “The SPD’s funds have been curtailed,” especially for newer projects, he said. Strategic Planning Division officials have rejected these statements. Khan also said the SPD and the National Engineering and Scientific Commission, which handles the design and production of ballistic missiles and other defense programs, had been instructed to slow work on certain projects. “In the short to medium term, there might not be any effects, but in the long term, these reductions will cause fault lines which Pakistan cannot afford,” Khan said. How these political and financial developments will affect a potential HQ-9 deal is unclear. “The Pakistan government has an eye on these Indian ambitions, and would definitely have to counter the threat,” Akhtar said.

September War Winning Tribute To Pakistan and Its Armed Forces:


Jinnah Pur Exposed by Daily Khabrain:

This editorial is published in Daily Khabrain

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Once again, The peoples of Pakistan is getting involved in the nonpublic issues :

As the history repeats itself again and again particularly incase of Pakistan, the historic fact is once again now proved itself right as the peoples of Pakistan is once again getting involved in Non-public issues such as now it is happening. Despite this reality, few months back, when lawyers movement in the country was at its top and after restoration of judiciary had a nice effect for peoples and the country. In fact, this had gave the peoples a ray of a new kind of hope of begining of new democratic era in the country in which the public's basic issues and problems would be addressed and the living standard of comman man could be better than it is now but looking at the recent developments in the country, it is once again seems like a dream that the problems of comman peoples will resolve. If we goback in time when long march was at the entrance of Islamabad (The country's capital) we knows this open fact very well at that time the country was also in constitutional crisis and since than now, what we get another coming constitutional crisis could be more bigger than before. Perhaps one can say this "We have lost all the things progressed in resolving one after another crisis" after ray of hope sighted by the peoples.

First thing in this regard, we have to decide which are the problems facing by the peoples in Pakistan. Either they are poverty, umemployment, homelessness, burning inflation, loadshedding, shortage of water and power, energy and petroleum prices hikes, illiteracy, population and pollution or 17 amendment,58-2(B), NRO and different political scores different parties vows to settle.

In the current situation, the government is trying to draw the attention of public towards fake and non-public issues such as some of the issues described above. Media should also be held responsible for this situation because media also now not covering and make peoples aware about basic problems and showed immaturity. Media must be act as resposible entity.

It is now responsibility of electronic media not to leave and forget the real problems and issues and keep the peoples aware of them. It would be better for the public also not to leave their basic problems and issues and not to be get confused in non-public issues which would be best if happened for somebodies, bureaucrats and government and government personnel's perspectives.

(By News Pakistan Ricky Nastan Correspondent)
Experts Column Link
City Nazim Mustafa Kamal Files Petition Against CM Orders :

KARACHI: City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has filed a constitutional petition in Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday against orders of Sindh chief minister of slashing powers and not letting him to do work.

Nazim in his petition says the orders have been passed without legal formalities and he is not allowed to do work.

Our correspondent talked to some legal experts regarding this petition and reports that According to the legal experts it is a constitutional issue and the legal experts denied, they have not enough information regarding this petition but they said one thing for sure that According to the constitution, The Sindh government dont have the rights and powers to stop and interfare in the matters of City District Government Karachi. This is and would be against the law.

Powers Dispute Between Sindh Government and City District Government Karachi :

Recently, City Nazim Karachi Mustafa Kamal files a writ petition in Sindh High Court against Cheif Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah orders slashing the powers of city nazim and not letting him do his work. Nazim in his petition says the orders have been passed without legal formalities and he is not allowed to do work.

Since few months, It seems like Peoples Party Led government in Sindh is fraustated by City District Government Karachi performance as CDGK managed to show and highlight its better performance than Sindh government.

A political analyst (on air) said commenting on this issue : "Peoples Party's provincial ministers and CM Sindh having this like a habbit now to accuse or looking to restrict powers of CDGK due to nonsense explainations every month after next month. he added more that he didn't knew what is the reason behind this "Making and showing false explainations and excuses to the public (Because they have nothing to show to public that They have done this or that) or got fraustated. Well thats true, Is this democracy the peoples wanted? He also questioned : How can a democratically elected government can dismiss and replace another democratically elected local government system which was and is doing more better and appoint governmental administrators at their place? According to him (This will be the violation of constitution).

Few days before, Rauf Kalasra, A Senior Analyst said on air : PML (N) also trying to do this from the first day and get their commissioners system back despite of the fact that "Commissioner system" proved to be a failure and corrupted every time enforced.

Now, It will be a better time to get resolved these issues, leave the corrupted systems behind and say no to corruption and government should keep its focus on providing basic necessities and relief to peoples of Pakistan. "The peoples government should not get involve in more controversies now! Because the public is in real trouble caused by various issues of inflation, Power cuts, terrorism, religious militancy and Dollar prices going really up at Rs 83 per Dollar etc, these are the real issues of public.
Now, City government tooks its petition back from court in the gesture of goodwill but could once again files the petition in future if nothings happens from the side of Sindh governement "CDGK Lawyer Said".
Karzai Confessed: Some Afghan and Indian Elements are involved in Anti Pakistan activities inside Afghanistan !

Islamabad: Pakistan's Interior Minister told the Senate that the Afghan government has assured it will seal terrorists training camps on its soil that train insurgents and terrorists to strike Pakistani Balochistan.Recently, The Afghan President Hamid Karzai confessed that their are some Afghan and Indian elements involved in destabilizing and anti Pakistan activities inside Afghanistan. He assured he will act to seal such training camps training terrorists and sending them to Pakistan. But the Indian Government is still denying this fact despite having the proofs given to India by Pakistan in Sharm-ul-Shaikh.

"I raised the issue of insurgents in Balochistan being trained in camps on Aghanistan soil with Afghan President Hamid Karzai during my recent visit to Kabul. Karzai assured me they would eliminate such camps," Interior Minister Rehman Malik told the Senate.

He said Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani recently raised the issue of Indian involvement in Pakistani Balochistan with his Indian counterpart. "We will give the nation good news regarding Balochistan during the next two to four weeks time," Malik said.

Pakistani officials have been complaining recently that Indian secret agencies were actively aiding insurgents through its porous border with Afghanistan. With the issue figuring in the joint statement after a meeting between the Indian and Pakistan leaders in Egypt, Pakistani officials are seeming more confident in addressing the Balochistan insurgency issue in the days to come.
ANP Terrorism In Karachi
Last week March 2009

ANP terrorists, once again on Friday 27, March 2009 terrorize the innocent and unarmed citizens of Karachi, These ANP terrorists, Drug and Arms Peddlers and Supporters of Qatil Talibans in Karachi are enchroaching the land of Karachi by force killing and torturing people.

Police arrested 5 terrorists of ANP on Thursday night and recovered arms from their posession, but on Friday start rioting, pelted stones on passing cars, torture innocent men and women passing by and restored to heavy firing, They even targetted the Police.

ANP Terrorists are in a bid to conquere Karachi from a long time, and for that they are collecting arms and ammunation for killing Innocent Men and Women.
Here are few news pieces from Different newspapers to show what these Terrorists are doing in Karachi.
Report By The News Karachi.

Daily Jurrat Daily Express Respectively

(You can find this news article at

Demo staged after police arrest suspects
Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hundreds of workers, allegedly of a political party, blocked main University Road on Friday to protest against the arrest of suspects by the PIB Colony police. A heavy contingent of police later reached the spot and dispersed the crowd after three hours of stiff resistance by the protesters.

The police had earlier arrested five suspects in connection with armed robbery, drug-peddling, extortion and car-lifting cases. They were also wanted by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) and Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC).

Station House Officer PIB Colony Sajjad-ul-Hussain said that, acting on a tip-off, they raided a place opposite old Sabzi Mandi late on Thursday night. Upon seeing the police, the armed bandits opened fire - however, after a brief encounter, the police arrested Altaf Khattak, Noman, Rizwan, Rizwan Khan and Ameer along with arms and looted items.

According to Hussain, Khattak and his accomplices were wanted in six cases by the PIB Colony police station, four cases by the Aziz Bhatti police station and one case each by CID Sindh and the ACLC.
However, a number of residents and workers of a political party appeared on main University Road near Hassan Square after Friday prayers and started demonstrating, demanding the release of the arrested suspects. The protest blocked traffic for almost three hours. The protestors also damaged a police check post at Old Sabzai Mandi, a restaurant, and a private office. Hussain said that Khattak is the ring leader of the group and he had been operating a big drug den in the area. He said demonstrators pelted passing vehicles with stones and the police had to use teargas shells to disperse the crowd. Cases have been registered and investigation is underway.

(You can find this report on The News website)

ANP siege the offices of Jang Group and Geo for what they called ill promotion given to them by Jang Group

ANP workers were heavily armed and they were looking for Journalists, These armed ANP Terrorists not only robbed people on I.I Chunrigerh road, Snatched Mobiles phones from ordinary people but also tortured the Journalists covering their activities.
Link :
ANP Activities

(You can find this link also from http://sirfkarachi.blogspot.com)

Also find Which areas are used by talebans in Karachi to hide them and their activities (Such as after 12 May 2007 incident to hit and run seeking disappearence) Al-Jazeera News TV Exclusive report on Taleban activities in Karachi at the following link, Al-Jazeera News TV Report :
Taleban Presence In Karachi