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Shoaib-Sania Wedding Reception & Interview


(Maha-Ayesha) Maha "Aapaa" Exposed

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Another Scandal of Maha-Ayesha Siddiqi

Another Scandal of Maha-Ayesha Siddiqi
A Chicago-based businessman Feroze Jalal says Ayesha Siddiqui is no pained wife, and that she tried to con him the same way she ‘framed’ Shoaib Malik. Hyderabad is my hometown —which I will soon be visiting, probably in June. I’m currently settled in Chicago with my wife. When I read the news about Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and his alleged link up with the Hyderabad based-Ayesha Siddiqui, what immediately struck me was the name of the woman — since I’ve known her, and had a similar experience, many years back. And in light of that experience, I feel that Ayesha may well have framed Shoaib. What has happened with Shoaib is very sad, and I can understand it better than most because I have gone through similar trauma, because of what Ayesha had done with me a few years back.

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Shoaib's Divorce Mystery! Victory of Shoaib's Stand?


Shoaib's Divorce Mystery! Victory of Shoaib's Stand?

Shoaib Malik recently divorced Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi or "Maha Aapa". After which Pakistani and Indian Media are seems to be convinced that Shoaib married Ayesha or what should we say Maha Siddiqi. According to the negotiating persons who claims to have negotiated between the two sides Siddiqi family and Malik family said that They have negotiated to resolve the issue and they convinced both sides to the resolution of all of this mess and they also convinced Ayesha or Maha and Shoaib to sign the Divorce Papers. Well, Situation like this tells that Shoaib accepted his first marriage and he married with the Ayesha or Whatever she is Maha Siddiqi, she claims.
On all of this, we took a perspective of Mr. Ricky Nacsten (A known Investigative Repoter) following this Marriage row from the beginning.
Sir, Good Day, How are you?
I'm, fine. It's God's Grace. Thanks for asking.
Sir, You definitely know all the issue and how all the things gone. You followed and covered this deeply in past years till now, what would you say? (Shoaib Malik now given Divorce to Maha Siddiqi (Siddiqi family Claimed).
Well, What will I say?. ........It's too much a complicated issue. Ya, You are right I've deeply followed all of this. First we heard Ayesha Siddiqi was claiming Divorce from Shoaib because she was his first wife (According to Ayesha Siddiqi Claim). Then, Shoaib denied her claim consistently, the story goes and goes in this way, the issue was also heated up when all of this was going on then yesterday suddenly Shoaib Malik took a U-Turn and Divorced her. ..........Simple!!!!!
If you see like this or if you see all the issue in this way then definitely you will find Shoaib Malik at the wrong End or responsible for all of this
Sir, we are already asking you the same thing, give us your short thought regarding this.
Just Kidding, Here the thing is you have to see first the negotiations of Divorce between Ayesha Siddiqi family and Shoaib Malik family.
We take Siddiqi family here, "They said their daughter is now freed and she is happy after divorce from her husband and also they don't want any money from Shoaib.
Here according to the Indian Media " Shoaib divorced his first wife to secure him from all the possible legal consequesnces of the cases (FIR) registered against him including possibility of arrest.
What we have to know here that What are those legal consequesnces and what are their evidences?
Indian Media reported and portrayed (I think, Shoaib in such a bad or what can you say "A grave situation") well infact, Shoaib cooperated with police and answered and satisfied them and a important thing here is that till yesterday's No credible evidence of so called Marriage was produced by the Ayesha and Siddiqi family (In my knowledge). They have only handed over their Marriage certificate they have and Ayesha Siddiqi reportedly handed over Shoaib's signed bat or something.
Well, these things are not a solid evidences to proof their marriage. Ayesha Siddiqi claimed that she has a medical report of her also which she will hand over the police but no sources yet confirmed any of this report or reported that she handed over her any medical report to police. I also tried to confirm it but unable to confirm that any report of that kind.
In the lights of these, Here, we can say that it was not a situation in which Shoaib would face strict legal consequesnces like arrest, if the proceedings held further.
According to my information, There was also a Governmental pressure from Government of Pakistan to release Shoaib's passport and give Pakistan embassy details about FIR against Shoaib Malik and here the interesting one thing is "I can also confirm here that New Dehli (Indian Government) was also involved in this divorce. This divorce is occured due to Indian Goverment Pressure on the both sides to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Another is, I'm also in a position to confirm this "Shoaib was told to divorce the girl whose pictures he has". ok. What, Please explain it.
I mean "Shoaib Malik was told to give divorce to that girl whose pictures Shoaib saw and married with that girl on the phone". Now, I think you got it. right?
What do you mean, Shoaib gave divorce to Ayesha (The other girl pictures he has and talked to her), It's some confusing, you mean he gave divorce to the girl whose pictures he saw and married her on the phone.......Ya you got it right.
Sir, then, How he gave divorce to Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi?
I'm just saying this all the negotiation process assumes that Shoaib given the divorce to Ayesha Siddiqi or Maha Siddiqi.
Actually, he was told something like that "You have'nt married to Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi but your Nikah was done with a other girl on the phone whose pictures you have. Just give divorce to that other girl, We will assume you have give divorce to Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi". (Negotiating Persons told this to Shoaib). Shoaib agreed to this according to the reports I'have
It means this whole process of divorce was assumed to AyeshaMaha Siddiqi, (Actually Shoaib given divorce to the other girl).
That's Right.
Sir, we also heard some news of a settlement in exchange of divorce from Shoaib?
Well, Can't say anything regarding this correctly, I also heard that Shoaib will give 15 crore rupees to Siddiqi family with this divorce. But no one confirmed it from either families.
The most interesting thing here is that According to the Arab newspapers "They (Arab Newspapers) are now finding and searching that other girl who use to met with Shoaib in Dubai with name of Ayesha and according to them "She was a beautiful Girl". That girl was a friend of Ayesha-Current Maha Siddiqi in Jeddah and she was also lived in Deccan, Hyderabad.
Arab Newspapers also reported that Her (That Other Girl) family & their childrens are now lives in Saudi city of Dammam. She married to an Indian. (Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi used that girl pictures to contact and talk Shoaib Malik and she gave her pictures actually to Shoaib Malik).
So you mean, Shoaib really double crossed or he is right in his claim that He did'nt married with Current Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi.
Yes. You can say that!
Then, Do you know Something about Current Ayesha Maha Siddiqi?
Ya, I've investigated this and then I came to know that Current Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi already fooled about 100 students of Indian Embassy School there a guy contacted and told me. A guy who was fooled! He told me that he knows Current Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi really well and he is a victim of Current Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi. He also gave me her Telephone number and other details about her.
How that guy contacted with you?
He contacted with me directly, when I was investigating this news and all the issue. I think Shoaib Malik is may be first Pakistani was to be fooled by her. (Well don't know exactly how many or If Shoaib is the first Pakistani or not) But she already fooled about 100 guys before also as I was told.
So, what do you think "Is this A Victory of Shoaib Malik Stance that he never married to Current Ayesha-Maha Siddiqi?
Its seems like a correct thing or what you can say "A Victory of Shoaib Malik Stand".
Anything, to say for Shoaib and his marriage now?
Well, Shoaib and Sania, Goodluck to both of you. Please, take your married life very seriously and maturely after your marriage, Have a Happy Marriage and life. May God help Shoaib and Sania understand each other throughout the life and Protect and Shelter both of them from all the bad things in life. And Sania don't leave Shoaib alone ever or he will be fooled once again.
That's so nice.
Well, Sir Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and investigations with us. its really a pleasure to meet you!

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"Conspiracy Against Shoaib & Sania Marriage"

An Investigative report by Ricky Nasten (Investigative Reporter) and his team.
Please, Note here that we are not going to blame anyone, we are just about to reveal some uncovered facts here.
Read this in full to get some ideas of this "Conspiracy against Shoaib and Sania Marriage"

I'm deeply following this issue of Shoaib & Ayesha since it was started till now. Few daysbeforethis news was breaked that Shoaib & Sania are going to marry in month of April. It was first received a very warm welcome in Pakistan and there was just a great atmosphere of celebrations inside Pakistan and from all of its citizens throughout the country. But only within 24 hours of this news passed by we sensed & saw some suspicious or suspected activities and reactions in India. First thing here I will say that "Media created too much hype of this issue which should not be. It is aPersonalmatter of Shoaib and Sania's Personal Life and their Families. Which should only bedecided by the two families and our new couple "Shonia" (Shoaib & Sania).

When the two families (Malik & Mirza) announced the upcoming wedding of their Kids. It was took as a very big news by Indian Media and they started telecasting this on regular basis and non-stop coverage. then, we saw some reactions from Indian Political Parties trying to politicise this upcoming wedding and then as always Hindu Extremists organizations also involved and gave it a color of Indian Nationalism by criticizing Sania Mirza that Why Sania is going to marry a Pakistani? They termed it as shameful and Sania is not a realIndian. After all of this criticizm we saw protests by those Hindu Extremists.against Shoaib and Sania Mirza marriage. Here a very noticable thing is that "The So called marriage of Shoaib and Ayesha Siddiqi the Lady who is claiming now that she is a wife of Shoaib or in other words The So called 1st Marriage of Shoaib Malik with a Lady Ayesha Siddiqi was a Dead Issue before untill this Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza marriage was not announced then why this issue suddenly came in front of this wedding?. What " A DEAD ISSUE". Because if we take into consideration the Siddiqi family. They are claiming that Shoaib marriage with Ayesha held in year 2002. So, Why they were shut their mouth for upto 8 years till now and when Shoaib wedding announced in 2010 they spoken up now. It is seems toomuch controversy in their claim. On the other side of the picture, Shoaib and his family is completely denying this marriage and nikah with lady Ayesha Siddiqi (currently claiming Divorce) since from the beginning. Infact, Shoaib revealed his nikah and accepted it at two different times first in year 2004 and second time in year 2005 when Pakistan team was toured India. Shoaib revealed his Nikah with an Indian Girl named Ayesha lived in Deccan, Hyederabad. It is needed here to be remember that in 2005, When Pakistan Cricket Team toured India. They went to Hyderabad, Deccan for playing a T20 match I think if I remember correctly, That was the time when whole Pakistani team invited by Siddiqi family for a party. Important thing here to note that Ayesha Siddiqi & her family claims that they invited whole team on a party for held for Shoaib with Ayesha means Party was given by Shoaib's (Sasural) Remember this thing we will come to it later.

The whole controversy is this, Siddiqi Family claims that Ayesha Siddiqi is Shoaib's first wife. One day ago, They also public that so called Nikahnamah of Marriage of Shoaib and Ayesha. After which the whole Indian Media and Pakistani Media is giving it too much hype and considering Nikahnamah as a big proof of Shoaib first wedding. Infact, Pakistani Media is refelecting the things as it feeded by Indian Media without any solid investigation.

We decided to summarize some facts that were unrevealed at that time. For this,first we took the perspective and statement of Salim Altaf (If I remember his name correctly) accompanied by Pakistan Cricket Team in 2005 at the tour of India. He gave his perspective and statement that In 2005, Pakistan Cricket Team was at tour of India when Pakistan team went to Deccan, Hyderabad, Pakistani Team was told that they are invited to Siddiqi family house for a party. In other words it means Shoaib's (Sasural) according to him. We asked to Salim Altaf that can he confirm that party was for marriage or he knew anything regarding this marriage? Here We found Something very Interesting and New. He replied us and He said he and other team members only knew accompanied at that time only "Heard about a speculation what you can say a thing like this that this was an invitation from Shoaib's future wife's family and no one heard or knewsanything regarding marriage or Nikah. Infact we heard that Marriage may hold or occur in future. But never heard anything regarding marriage or only things like these marriage may hold in future which we heard from peoples and crowd. We were surprised that time that no one knew anything regarding marriage or Nikah or even no one heard about any of this thing before.

Then, We asked all of things to Shoaib's family itself for giving us correct information and facts in middle of so much miss information and miss leading facts. They replied us that "He (Shoaib) had accepted his Nikah first time in 2004 and second in 2005 when we refer his statements of Nikah in 2004 and 2005, They said "A Nikah was held at that time and he signed it (Nikahnamh) after so much of conversation with a girl (Her name told to us was Ayesha) and her pictures sent to Shoaib through the Internet & phone. Shoaib showed that pictures of Girl to us and for asked us what he should do when at that time he was considering an engagement and then Marriage with that girl. We told him do what you want and considers good. We asked at that time to them that what would be Shoaib's age at that time or tell us What was Shoaib's age at that time they replied us it was around 20 years.
But later on what we & Shoaib found when our family tried to interact with the girl face to face we were shocked when we found that the pictures of the girl we have given or they sent to us and the lady whom Nikah was held with Shoaib was totally different or in other words the lady was not the girl whom pictures we have. We were completely shocked with all of this and we came across this fact that it was a fraud or what you can say they manipulated Shoaib and us.
After that time and after Shoaib was so depressed and always saying at different times that I even don't know the real girl, Don't know even the real picure.
It was what we found when Interviewed Shoaib's Family in short time because they are too depressed from current controversy of Shoaib first marriage is going on and news on media.

We Decided to take legal Expert perspective on this Issue. Here is something very interesting you will find. We were told by legal expert that It is simply a case of fraud and manipulation with Shoaib and His family if it occured to them. We asked what would happen to Siddiqi family claim when they claims it was held back in 2002. We were told by him, first thing in this is that Why Siddiqi family never spoke in past 7 to 8 years about this if it was occured, Only some Speculation of Nikah was heard first time in 2005 at time of India's tour from Siddiqi Family and then after only one time in 2007 but no proves & evidences were produced and it was never proved yet. After that we asked to legal expert about the credibility of this Nikahnamah publicized in India, He replied, according to the law : "A Nikah can only be accepted and it is only credible when it is owned by the both Parties (Family of Bride and Family of Groom) and also public by both of them but in this case Shoaib's family is consistently denying and this Nikahnamh and its credibilty since from the beginning and because Siddiqi family failed to produce any record (Credible Evidence) in last 7 to 8 years and it is not yet proved genuine and its credibilty is still very much questionable in light of giving other girl pictures, It is already scrapped or what you can understand or say it is already finished. Simple Because it was not proved for about 8 past years.
so what what was that accepted by Shoaib himself in 2004 regarding his Nikah, We asked to legal expert regarding Shoaib statement in 2004 he replied that "At that time Shoaib did'nt knews the reality of this Nikah as Shoaib and his family tells their position.

It is all very interesting when we talked all this with legal expert.

Then, we once again confirmed this from Shoaib's Family about Some pictures of Shoaib with Ayesha Siddiqi nowadays giving by media. They told us that at that time Shoaib met with this lady (In India after his so called Nikah) and knews her (As the girl whom Nikah was held with Shoaib ) as a relative of the girl, Shoaib's Nikah was held. They also made some photographs at that time.
We asked this matter also to Shoaib's relative Imran. What he said to us that "No Nikah was held with this Lady Ayesha Siddiqi Currently claiming as she is first wife of Shoaib". The Nikahnamh released & reffering by Siddiqi family is not genuine because Ayesha Siddiqi is not the girl whom pictures they (Shoaib family received). So, if the girl is not the one who's pictures they have then how can this nikah occured and whats its credibility"

After all of these talks, We took the religious scholar perspective and here is what we got, He said There is no credibility of Nikah on the phone and or on Internet because a person here, don't know who is on other side.
(Here the thing is to remember that All of the proceedings only involves Internet and Phone, no face to face proceeding of Nikah occured. That is what they told us).

We questioned religious scholar about Shoaib's Stonning as demanded by Mr.Siddiqi? He said, It is not at all the issue of Stonning.

We tried to summarize some of the things after it which are claimed by Siddiqi family and here is what contradictions we found :

1 Siddiqi Family claims this Nikah was held in back 2002. Then why they never spoke about it and shut their mouth for about many years. Were they Sleeping??????????

2 Mr. Siddiqi claimed in only one of his interview to an Indian Channel that it was held in 2005. (Big contradiction).
(He later changed his claim soon after it to 2002) (You can decide at your own).

3 Ayesha Siddiqi Claimed that she never visited Pakistan since after year 2000. (They claims Nikah was held in 2002 then it is another big contradiction because of the reason that it is so much unrealistic)

4 If Nikah was held or occured in 2002 then why Ayesha Siddiqi never visited her new home till now or why Rukhsati was never done or held??????????

5 Mr. Siddiqi Said in his press conference that he was strictly against to marry his daughter to Pakistan then, Why and how he suddenly married her to Pakistan?

Here also we found one thing very interesting that Mr.Siddiqi in his press conference to Indian Media talking regarding Shoaib Malik that he is a liar then Suddenly he slipped to Anti-Pakistan tone and used so much Uncivilized language. (That was an Eye-Opener)

6 I'm stationed here since about two decades now, But I never ever experienced or even heard about a marriage in which people use/d their name other than Person National Identity. or what you can say in case of India, Ration Card, It is also claimed by Siddiqi family that Maha and Ayesha is same but the thing here is that A person male or female cannot use their Other name/s or Nicknames for any legal proceedure, if they does, it will not have any legal value. Only one name of a person is acceptable at all legal places. Not more than one even if someone has more than one names. (The lady name on Nikahnamh is other one & the lady claiming that she is first wife of Shoaib is Ayesha (It is hugely unrealistic)

It seems like there is some bitterness about this news of Shoaib Malik and Sania Marriage in Indian Media.
Today, Vimol Kumar a seasoned Indian Journalist also accepted that there is bitterness in Indian Public also about this Marriage of Shoaib and Sania. Shiv Sena also Adopted this same stance before why Sania Mirza did not find any single Indian to Marry. It means they are Jealous of Sania Mirza's Selection of Pakistani.

Loophole from Hindu Extremists : Why & How they took a Complete U-Turn in their stance after So called Nikahnamh Published.
(Very Very noticable, Note down the timing of both things Nikahnamh and Hindu Extremists U-Turn)

If you remember, Mohsin Hasan Khan, a Pakistani Cricketer also faced the same difficulties in India from Hindu Extremists and some Indian Lobbys.

My friends who are also reporter and stationed in India told me that "There was a secret Hindu Extremists meeting held in India at issue of this Shoaib and Sania wedding in which they took some suspicious kind of Decisions they believe, not disclosed was totally not at all reported by Indian Media or They Didn't knew anything regarding that meeting or they don't want to say anything regarding this or make it Public. My friends in India Already received life threats from Hindu Extremists in Past years also.

We also founds the very Possibility of someone or some Indian Lobbys Pushing and Encouraging Siddiqi Family to raise their "Dead Issue" at this time when Sania is going to marry with a Pakistani. And near some Indian Lobbys it needs to be broken & scrapped.

Indian Media severely did and doing Propaganda against this marriage and also some other peoples making this marriage political nationalism issue and also controversial who don't want this Indo-Pak marriage of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza at all.

What Mr. Siddiqi was saying in his press conference about Shoaib's punishment, someone should ask Mr.Siddiqi What he wants? A Divorce or Punishment for Shoaib Malik for his Sin?????????????

At last we talked to a Astrologer on this issue : He Said to us "According to him, Shoaib is not responsible for all of this, But he is too much portrayed as Culprit or Fraud and he suffered much defame which he never responsible for.

Very Interesting thing here is one that Sania Mirza gave an statement that she knew all of this issue.

Onething we also found that some Lobbys in India and as well as Pakistan are trying to give Shoaib, Sania and controversial Siddiqi family's triangle a Religious color. We don't know who are those peoples at all???????? (You may see this in coming days according to the unconfirmed reports we have)

Overall Overview : Hence we tried to summarize the facts and information we have found in our investigation, it is very much possible that Shoaib Malik's so called first marriage issue is raised now to settle some scores and or what should we say to make Shoaib and Sania marriage Immensely controversial and pressurize both the (Kids of Malik & Mirza families) Shoaib and Sania to cancel their Marriage or this First marriage issue is may be using as a tool for breakup this "Shonia" Wedding and prevent Sania Mirza (A Indian Tennis SuperStar) to become Bahu of Pakistan, What Pakistanis say "Bahu".

[An Investigative Report By Ricky Nastan (Investigative Reporter) and his team]

You may can also visit this report at http://pakistanews.netii.net/News/Other%20Occasional%20News/Conspiracy%20Against%20Shoaib%20&%20Sania%20Marriage.htm