Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turkish First Stand-Off Missile

Turkish Air Force (TurAF) has revealed two indigenously developed missile systems during the 100th year celebrations at the Cigli airbase in Turkey’s western province of Izmir. Celebrations consisted of public shows by the world’s leading air acrobatics teams, including the USAF Thunderbirds and Turkey’s own Turkish Stars, as well as various other events both on the ground and in the air.

Developed by TUBITAK-SAGE as a result of an ambitious project started in 2006, Turkey’s first indigenous stand-off missile is designed for destroying both fixed and large moving targets at a range of over 180 kilometers. Currently referred to by the TurAF as SOM, it can be used as a precision strike weapon against both land or sea targets. TUBITAK-SAGE officials who spoke at the Cigli airshow said that the initial demonstartion flights of the prototypes were completed successfully at undisclosed locations and the delivery of a first batch of missiles to TurAF would take place by the end of 2011 following more vigorous live firing tests scheduled for the rest of the year.

India Issued RFI For Naval Multi Role Helicopters

India has issued a request for information for a naval multi-role helicopter (NMRH) to complement its existing fleet of Westland Sea King 42 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters.

The RFI calls for helicopters with a maximum all-up weight of between 9t and 12.5t. The NMRH, which will be expected to serve for 30 years, should have the capacity for 10% weight growth throughout its service life without hurting performance.

The navy foresees three primary roles: ASW, anti-surface warfare (ASuW), and special operations. Secondary roles include electronic intelligence, search and rescue (SAR), external cargo carrying, casualty evacuation and combat SAR.


West To Have 80000 Cruise Missiles By End of This Decade

Russian military experts forecast that Western nations will have 80,000 cruise missile by 2020, a deputy commander of the Russian General Staff said on Saturday.

"We expect Western countries to have at least 80,000 cruise missiles by 2020, including about 2,000 of them nuclear-powered," Gen. Igor Sheremet said in an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio station.

He added these missiles are clearly not simply designed for drilling or intimidation purposes.

"They can deliver disarming or even 'decapitation' strikes," Sheremet said.

Hence, he said, the plans to develop Russia's air and space defense system in 2011 as instructed by President Dmitry Medvedev in November.

The new system will combine the existing air defense and missile defense networks, missile early-warning systems and airspace monitoring systems under a unitified strategic command.

In mid-February, Valery Ivanov, commander of the strategic command of the new air and space defense system, said the system would be set up and start operating by the end of 2011.

The Russian political and military leadership have long considered plans to develop strong missile and space defenses by 2020, but no concrete steps have been taken so far and the country does not even have a well-defined command structure to tackle this problem.

According to one proposal, the unified aerospace defense command will absorb some air defense units which are currently part of the Russian Air Force, and Space Forces units.

The Russian military plans to build a comprehensive air and space defense network consisting of S-400 Triumf and future S-500 air defense systems and the Soviet-era MiG-31 Foxhound supersonic interceptors.

The S-500 system is expected to have an extended range of up to 600 km (over 370 miles) and simultaneously engage up to 10 targets. The system will be capable of destroying hypersonic and ballistic targets.

Russia's leading missile manufacturer Almaz-Antei said last March that it was developing at least six types of advanced air defense systems to be available for the Russian military in around 2015.

A Stolen Life

Indian New Killer P8I

India Wiil Soon Test Agni V China Killer Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

India will test its 5,000-km Inter-Continental ballistic missile (ICBM), often termed the China killer For its ability to reach the northernmost areas of that country,At The end of 2011. The head of a premier defence research agency said on Friday when Defence Minister AK Antony asked for the expeditious development of the Agni-V missile system.

DRDO has developed a spectrum of missiles with a different range and payload capability. Now, DRDO must demonstrate its capability to reach a range of 5,000 km at the earliest, Antony said at a function at the research agency.

DRDO chief VK Saraswat , who was present beside Antony, said Agni-V will be tested by the end of this year.

Antony also asked the agency to also develop a credible Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system to intercept enemy missiles that may target India, thereby taking the county into an elite club of nations such as the US.

The interceptor missile development programme has taken India into an elite club of nations that possess the capability to demonstrate and deploy missile defence. DRDO should now work towards developing a credible ballistic missile defence for our country. Antony told the gathering of defence scientists.

India is in the process of developing its own BMD system and has carried out six tests in the last two years, of which four have been successful.

The BMD programme comprises a two-tiered system called Prithvi Air Defence PAD for high-altitude interception at 50-80 km and Advanced Air Defence AAD for low-altitude interception 15-30 km.

India has also inducted its latest 3,000-km Agni-III missile into the armed forces and has begun serialised production of the weapon system.

India Approved C 17 Purchase Deal Worth $4.1 Billion Dollars

The Indian Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), the country’s final arbiter on defense and security issues, has approved the purchase of ten C-17 Globemaster III heavy lift aircraft.
The order is expected to be worth USD 4.1 billion.

India To Get More Israeli Medium Powered Radars

Indian plan to bolster Air defence surveillance network, IAF will commission a spanking new Israeli medium-power radar (MPR) at Naliya in Gujarat this week.

"This state-of-the-art radar, to be named Arudhra, is being inducted towards strengthening the air defence in the Saurashtra-Kutch region and constitutes an important component in IAF's plan to achieve network-centric operations," said an officer.

IAF chief Air Chief Marshal P V Naik will be inducting the radar, which has a range of over 300 km, at the Naliya airbase on Friday after the commanders' conference of the South-Western Air Command.

AF has already inked contracts for 19 LLTRs (low-level transportable radars), four MPRs and 30 indigenous medium-range Rohini radars, apart from also planning a major induction of long-range surveillance radars (LRSRs) and high-power radars (HPRs) to bolster air defence coverage in "hilly terrain" in the hinterland as well as along the borders with China and Pakistan.

India is also moving towards procuring nine more Aerostat radars to add to the two EL/M-2083 Israeli Aerostats inducted earlier as well as two additional AWACS (airborne warning and control systems) to supplement the first three Israeli Phalcon AWACS bought under a $1.1-billion deal.
The overall aim of all this is to ensure that the Indian airspace, which still has several gaping holes, especially over central and peninsular India, becomes impregnable against hostile aircraft, drones and helicopters.
With advanced "electronic counter-counter measures", the new radars being inducted will be integrated into the IACCS (integrated air command and control system), the fully-automated network being established to integrate the wide array of military radars with each other as well as with civilian radars.

IAF, in fact, has plans to establish 10 IACCS nodes to cover virtually the entire country, with quick transfer of data from different radars as well as ground stations of AWACS to one central place.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mossad and CIA Committed 9-11 : Former Italian President

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies.

The evidence that Mossad planned 911 using Arab patsies is overwhelming; Mossad were caught filming the attack from Liberty Park and then later said on Israeli TV that they were sent there to document (they along with nearly 200 Mossad were rounded up and sent back to Israeli in the weeks following the attack, preventing the FBI from questioning them). Only 5 Israeli's died in the WTC attack; 3 on the airplanes and 2 in the buildings. It is a fact unexplainable by Zionists apologists that Idigo, and Israeli messaging service sent a warning in Hebrew worldwide that a terror attack would happen in a few hours on the day of the attack. The only country to have benefitted militarily and economically is Israeli from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.
The evidence of demolition in WTC 7 is obvious and the 911 commission didn't even try to explain how a steel building with internal fires could SUDDENLY COLLAPSE IN ABOUT 9 SECONDS something that has never happened before. Of course the 'magic passport' supposedly found as rubble was raining down by a well dressed passerby who never identified himself and turned into the FBI was convenient. You have seen the chaos, the flying bodies and debris, screaming terrified people running from the WTC; so just why would a passport be picked up on the street and how could it have survived with NO SIGNS OF DAMAGE from the plane is beyond anyone to explain.

And the only Israeli company in the twin towers with about 300 employees moved out 1 week before the attack, paying $50K to break their lease. Coincidenc? The 40 times normal PUT options against the airlines traded in the week before the attack involved in 911 were all traded from a bank in Israel, yet the 911 commission REFUSED to investigate this on the basis that since Israel is "not a terroist country", the abnormal volume meant nothing !! Barak was on TV the day of the attack in an interview by the BBC where at one point he said the buildings were felled by "explosions", then quickly, with the most embarrassed look on his face, restarted the sentence and said the buildings were felled by airplanes

The US has obviously been used by Zionists or 'neocons' in high places in Washington; the head of the 911 commistion is a Zionist and the head of Homeland security were both citizens of Israeli. Cheney and the oil companies benefitted too and gave Mossad the go ahead. The CIA has used the Mafia to do it's dirty work in the past and they just switched to Mossad for operations involving the Middle east.

So do you think that Israel's spy agency planned 911 so that we can go over to the Middle East and fight their enemies for them?

Is bin Laden possibly a secret Mossad agent since we can't find him and that he has NEVER attacked or even attempted to attack in Israel?

Plus Al-Qaeda has killed more Muslims than any other religious group. Including anti-zionists.

Don't you think there is something fishy going on here that the government refuses to tell us?

MIG 29K Fighters Delivered To India

MiG aircraft Coporation delivered a new batch of five MiG-29K/KUB carrier-based fighters to the Indian navy in May, the company said.
"A flight training simulator and other technical equipment has also been delivered," MiG said in a statement.

The two countries signed a contract stipulating the supply of 12 single-seat MiG-29Ks and four two-seat MiG-29KUBs to India in January 2004. The contract is part of a $1.5-billion deal to deliver the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, currently being retrofitted in Russia for the Indian Navy.
India's first four MiG-29Ks and MiG-29KUBs officially entered service in February 2010.

In March 2010, Russia and India signed a $1.5-billion contract on the supplies of 29 additional MiG-29K Fulcrum-D carrier-based fighter jets to New Delhi. The start of the supplies is scheduled for 2012.

Karachi, Pakhtun, Mohajir Aur Zardari

Establishment Stopped The Government From More Massacre In The Metropolitan

Pakistan Army Stopped PPP from Massacreing Urdu Speaks
Pakistan Army and ISI stopped PPP Feudal Lords from launching operation against Urdu Speaking people in Karachi. PPP Waderas wants to murder Mohajirs to capture Urban Sindh who never voted for PPP, and orchestrated Target Killings and riots in Karachi but Army and ISI knowing all the facts stopped them from doing this. People of Karachi are thankful to Pakistan Army and ISI for all this.

Rising political temperatures: Military brass opposed use of force against MQM
LAHORE: Amidst straining relations between the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and its estranged coalition partner, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the military brass is learnt to have opposed a series of moves that could have adversely affected an already tense situation – including any move to launch an operation in Karachi.
The military brass had also expressed displeasure over the possible induction of controversial former Sindh home minister Zulfikar Mirza on a sensitive post in the federal or provincial cabinet, The Express Tribune has learnt.
“Mishandling Karachi’s situation, or using coercive means against the MQM, is not something the country can afford at this point in time,” brass as telling top civilian authorities. The military has advised the government against launching any operation against the MQM, which pulled of the ruling coalition last month.
However, PPP’s information secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the government was not planning any operation against the MQM. But at the same time, he added, “I don’t think the military would stop the government from taking action against the law breakers in Karachi.”
Sources said that the PPP was planning either to make Mirza governor of Sindh or to assign him a portfolio in the federal cabinet after getting him elected to the Senate. Reports of such a move had earlier begun appearing in the media. But the military is said to have precluded such a move.
Sources said that the PPP had planned an operation against the MQM, particularly against it supporters among the Kacchi community in Malir. And Mirza, who has good relations with the Sindh police, had alerted the police officials belonging to interior Sindh but serving elsewhere in the country. Mirza’s plan envisaged an operation against the Urdu-speaking people in order to coerce the MQM into compliance. Mirza’s recent meeting with Afaq Ahmad, the chief of MQM-Haqiqi, was actually a message to the MQM.
When contacted by The Express Tribune, Presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar refused to comment on the issue and instead switched off his cell phone when pressed hard.
Sources said that the military brass contacted MQM chief Altaf Hussain and assured him that the government would not launch any operation in Karachi. Following the assurance, Altaf cancelled a scheduled address to a general party workers meeting on Monday.
Babar Ghauri is said to have contacted PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar to seek support against any operation in Karachi. And PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, in return, held out an assurance that his party would oppose any operation against the MQM in Karachi. Sources said that the two parties would soon start a movement against the PPP-led government from the platform of a grand opposition alliance.
The Express Tribune has learnt that, following its failure to muster military support against the MQM in Karachi, the government’s top leaders took a ‘U-turn’ and decided to send PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain to Nine-Zero to assure the MQM on behalf of the president that the government would not launch an operation in Karachi. Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the government’s coalition partner might have endorsed Shujaat’s trip to Karachi.
However, the MQM said the Chaudhry was in Karachi to attend a wedding ceremony and not to reconcile the MQM with the PPP. “Shujaat visited Nine-Zero to sympathise with the MQM over the atrocities the party has been facing in the city,” MQM’s Joint Incharge Information Secretary Qamar Mansoor told The Express Tribune.
He claimed that the PPP has made the PML-Q a coalition partner at ‘gunpoint’. And the day Moonis Elahi, son of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, was released, the Chaudhrys would pull out of the ruling coalition. Moonis has been in police custody for his alleged involvement in the multi-billion -rupee land scam in the National Insurance Company Limited (NICL).

PPP and ANP Orchestered Violence In The City

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Qasba Turned Into A Favourite Killing Spot For ANP

ANP Terrorists Involved In Genocide of Population

Genocide of Mohajirs (Urdu Speakers) continues in karachi from the hands of Terrorists of ANP and PPP, Terrorists of ANP killing Mohajirs in Qasba and Orangi, burning and looting houses of Mohajirs and terrorists of PPP lyari Gang war busy in killing Urdu speakers in Lyari, Shershah and Baldia Town.

It's time for Mohajirs to stop looking towards Police and Rangers who are no where to safe them and start protecting themselves against ANP and PPP Lyari Gangsters who are killing Mohajirs irrespective of their political and religious affiliation.

Samaa TV Aired Live Show During Straight Firing By ANP Terrorists At Innocent Peoples

U.S Missile Defense Threat In Europe

U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Europe will pose a genuine threat to Russia's nuclear deterrence capability if they are carried out in full, a General Staff official said on Friday.

"The situation completely changes with the realization of the third and fourth stages of the missile defense," said Lt. Gen. Andrei Tretyak, head of the General Staff Main Operations Directorate. "Four hundred interceptor missiles on 40 warships and a missile site in Poland. This is a real threat to our strategic nuclear forces."

Russia has never had any plans to deploy missile defense elements outside its borders, he said.
President Dmitry Medvedev warned on Wednesday that Russia would have to build up its nuclear capability if NATO and the United States failed to reach an agreement with Moscow on European missile defense cooperation.

Russia is opposed to the planned deployment of U.S. missile defense systems near its borders, claiming they would be a security threat. Moscow has warned it might pull out of the New START Treaty.



The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned the violence and arson attacks by armed terrorists in Qasba Colony, Orangi Town, Kati Pahari and other parts of the city. He said that the armed terrorists attacked the houses in Qasba Colony, Orangi Town and Kati Pahari areas with latest automatic weapons. They terrorists looted the houses, put several houses on fire and fired indiscriminately resulting in the death of several innocent people and serious injuries to many others. He regretted that while the terrorists went on a rampage in the city, the police and administration stood by as silent spectators. The terrorists were given a virtual freehand to do what they wanted.

Addressing President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, Mr Hussain asked if the MQM would be punished for coming out of the government by exercising its democratic right. He asked if the helpless people of Karachi would be subjected to barbaric violence and that the terrorists would be supported instead of taking any action against them. He demanded that the armed attack on the localities and terrorism should stop immediately and the citizens should be given security. He demanded action against armed terrorists.

Mr Hussain warned that if the terrorism and armed attack against the localities did not stop forthwith then we would be forced to start peaceful protests against it. He declared that if we started to go on strike against the terrorism then it would not stop within a day or two. The strikes and protest demonstrations would continue till the end of terrorism and the government.

Mr Hussain also asked the ANP leader Asfandyar Wali to warn his people to stop attack on the houses adjoining Qasba Colony, Orangi Town and Kati Pahari immediately. He sympathized with the innocent people affected by the terrorist attacks and prayed for the eternal peace of those killed in the new wave of violence in the city.

The City of Violence