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American CIA Biological Attack Against Pakistan

Fears are growing in Pakistan that the spread of dengue fever also known as break-bone fever may have been caused by some kind of biological experiment or deliberate release of virus by foreign elements (American CIA Agents).

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) representatives have called on security agencies to investigate fears of deliberate spread of dengue virus in Pakistan. According to a report, the PMA members and experts have demanded in-depth investigation over mysterious spread of Dengue virus in Punjab.

Dengue fever is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus and the disease has caused alarming situation in Lahore and other Punjab cities. Lately the disease has spread to other cities of Pakistan and has killed over Hundreds of people affecting thousands. According to experts the virus has four different types; infection with one type usually gives lifelong immunity to that type, but only short-term immunity to the others. Subsequent infection with a different type increases the risk of severe complications.

As per Internet info, in the spring and summer of 1981, Cuba experienced a severe hemorrhagic dengue fever epidemic. Between May and October 1981, the island nation had 158 dengue-related deaths with about 75,000 reported infection cases. At the height of the epidemic, over 10,000 people (per day) were found infected and 116,150 were hospitalized. At the same time during 1981 outbreak, covert biological warfare attacks on Cuba’s residents and crops were believed to have been conducted against the island by CIA contractors and military airplane flyovers. Particularly harmful to the nation was a severe outbreak of swine flu that Fidel Castro attributed to the CIA. American researcher William H. Schaap, an editor of Covert Action magazine, claims the Cuba dengue outbreak was the result of CIA activities.

In 1982, the then Soviet media reported that the CIA sent operatives into Afghanistan from Pakistan to launch a dengue epidemic. The Soviets at the time claimed the operatives were posing as malaria workers, but, instead, were releasing dengue-infected mosquitoes. The CIA denied the charges. In 1985 and 1986, authorities in Nicaragua accused the CIA of creating a massive outbreak of dengue fever that infected thousands in that country. CIA officials denied any involvement, but Army researchers admitted that intensive work with arthropod vectors for offensive biological warfare objectives had been conducted at Fort Detrick in the early 1980s, having first started in the early 1950s. American Fort Detrick researchers reported that huge colonies of mosquitoes infected with not only dengue virus, but also yellow fever, were maintained at the Frederick, Maryland (U.S.), installation, as well as hordes of flies carrying cholera and anthrax and thousands of ticks filled with Colorado fever and relapsing fever.

It is significant to note that in early 2011, American CIA sponsored a fake vaccination drive in Abbottabad city of Pakistan to get DNA samples of Osama bin Laden, developing aversion to the real and much needed polio vaccination programme in Pakistan.

Bilogical attack on Afghanistan: Britain and the US have been accused of a biological attack on Afghanistan’s poppy fields in an attempt to defeat the Afghani resistance, destroy wheat and fruit trees and blight the opium crop. The British daily “Telegraph” reported in May 2010 that “poppy plants (in Afghanistan) have been suffering a mysterious disease that leaves them yellow and withered and slashes the yield of opium resin, which is sold and processed into heroin. The worst-affected farmers said the scale of the infection was unprecedented. Yields have dropped by 90 per cent in some fields.

Some have claimed the British and Americans are responsible for the plague, but they strongly denied involvement. The blight was first noticed a month ago and linked to an infestation of aphids in wheat and fruit trees. It has since been found in four provinces across the south.

These biological attacks on the Afghani people brings to memory the American biological war against the Vietnamese people in the 1960s and 1970s.

Jean-Luc Lemahieu, the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan was quoted as saying: ‘’We are at this moment not sure if it is a fungus or some insect. Spraying has been forbidden in very clear words by the President of Afghanistan. Hence, awaiting the results from our lab tests.’’

Taiwan Got Confirmation For $5 Billion Dollars F-16 Fighters Upgrade From USA

Taiwan Got Confirmation For $5 Billion Dollars F-16 Fighters Upgrade From US Despite Chinese Concerns

The US has confirmed plans to upgrade Taiwan's ageing fleet of F-16 US-built fighter planes.

China considers Taiwan part of its territory and has warned Washington not to proceed with the $5bn (£3bn) deal.

China's foreign ministry expressed his country's "strong indignation" over the move, saying it would damage ties.

China's Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun called the decision "grave interference" in the country's internal affairs which sent a "gravely mistaken signal to pro-Taiwan independence separatist forces".

In a statement on the ministry's website, Mr Zhang said: "It must be pointed out that this wrongful course by the US side will unavoidably damage Sino-American relations and co-operation and exchanges in the military, security and other fields".

Of past and present accusations

Of past and present accusations

By Engr Nasir Jamal

FORMER Home Minister of Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza levelled a number of serious allegations against Muttahida Quami Movement in his highly publicised press conference on 28th August 2011. Mirza holding the Holy Writ in his hands claimed that there were Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reports against the MQM workers who were involved in targeted killings in Karachi, he condemned Rehman Malik as a compulsive liar and held him responsible for the unabated targeted killings in Karachi. Mirza asserted that the MQM was directly responsible for the murder of the journalist Wali Khan Babar. He also spoke about his meeting with the MQM leader in London in which the MQM leader allegedly spoke about a US plan for breaking Pakistan, which was being supported by Altaf Hussain.

Mirza showed a letter allegedly written by Altaf Hussain to the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair committing a number of things in exchange for favours such as share in governance and government employment. The letter also had a point about disbanding the premier intelligence agency of the country – the famous ISI. Soon after the press conference by Mirza was over the electronic media went into frenzy and started debating the contents of the press conference in overstretched programmes. Questions were raised and fingers were pointed at the MQM and some did not even hesitate to condemn the MQM without getting their point of view in their zeal to outdo others. It has been argued in the press, and the electronic media that the JIT reports against the MQM workers suspected of being involved in the targeted killings are genuine. Innocent until proven guilty is the basic principle of the judicial system, but perhaps it does not apply to the workers of the MQM. The MQM worker can be condemned of anything without a semblance of proof and then ferocious operations are launched to teach them a lesson.

The MQM was accused of the infamous Jinnahpur conspiracy to break Pakistan during the repressive military operation that started against the MQM in 1992. Journalists from the Punjab were flown into Karachi to show maps of Jinnahpur allegedly discovered from the MQM offices. The MQM was dubbed as an anti-state party and mere affiliation with the MQM was made a crime. It was in August 2009 that two senior army officers came on TV channels and said that the maps were fabricated. This was done with a view to create a justification for the operation against the MQM and to subdue the sympathy wave that could have been generated in view of killings and torture of the MQM workers. Obviously no one has sympathies with the traitors. It took nineteen years before someone had the moral courage to accept that the charge was unfounded but during these nineteen years the loyalty of a people towards the state was held in question. A large number of guiltless people had to pay the price of this baseless charge with their blood. Many became displaced in their own city, and many had to leave for foreign countries in order to escape the state persecution.

Hakim Said was killed on 17th October 1998. Conspiracy theories splashed across the newspapers within no time, and the MQM was accused for the brutal murder. Hakim Said was a noble soul, and his murder evoked universal condemnation across the country. Another fierce operation started against MQM. Chief of the then Intelligence Bureau Brig Iqbal Khan Niazi appeared on TV channels on 22nd July 2010 and said that the MQM was falsely accused by the government in order to create a justification for an operation against it.

It took nearly twelve years for the reality to come out, but the MQM was made to suffer during this period for crimes which it had not committed. Let’s now turn to the JIT reports pointing fingers at the MQM and its workers. If the charges against MQM workers are genuine and there is incontrovertible evidence to substantiate the charges, why are the cases not being brought at the proper forum in order to convict the accused? If the JIT reports are based upon facts, they should be produced in the courts and let the law take its own course. But perhaps those who have made these JIT reports know it very well that they will be torn to pieces if they dared to produce them in the courts. Mirza also knows that nothing can be proven on the basis of confessional statements that are extracted through physical torture. Even the courts do not give much credence to such statements.

The MQM was accused of direct involvement in the gruesome murder of Wali Khan Babar. There must always be a motive for a murder. No one kills anyone without any reason. This murder has been foisted upon the MQM only because the unfortunate journalist was killed by the ruthless killers in Liaquatabad. But what could be the possible reason? Was he doing any story that could have troubled the MQM? A number of journalists and anchorpersons hurl accusations at the MQM and make severe criticism of the MQM, but they work freely. Babar was doing covering the operation against the drug traffickers in Pahalwan Goth. He had never run any story for which the MQM might have felt any grudge towards the ill-fated journalist. If only our journalists had shown a little professionalism in this case, the killers could have been exposed. A lot has been said about letter allegedly written by the MQM leader Altaf Hussain. Certificates of treasons are being distributed once again.

Traitors, Indian agents, American agents, go back to India. This is what we have been seeing in various comments made on the news stories and social media. Altaf Hussain is being accused of treason for asking the British PM to disband the ISI but what about the national leader who wrote to a US senator asking him to use his influence to stop the military and economic aids to Pakistan. What about the appeal to ask the Indian Prime Minister to engage the Pakistani army on the borders.

If what was written to the US senator does not amount to treason nothing else can. But here perhaps the sons and daughters of the soil can get away with almost anything. Those who made innumerable sacrifices for the country have become immigrants and those who offered unquestioned allegiance to the British have become the inheritors of the Quaid-e-Azam. The immigrants from the minority provinces or Mohajirs as they are called were a scattered lot before the MQM. Altaf Hussain gave them a political thought and strengthened them into a bond of unity and discipline that had no parallel in the history of the country. The feudalistic ruling clique does not like the political ideology of the MQM to take root in the country because it would mean an end to their tenacious grip on power in the country.

Every now and then, they raise a dust storm against MQM. Conspiracies after conspiracies are hatched to deprive the Urdu-speaking people of their political rights. How long will this continue? They call Altaf Hussain a traitor. But they called Mujeeb a traitor as well. The Bengalis were despised and hated although it was in Dacca that the Muslim League was formed in 1906, and it was a Bengali who proposed the Pakistan Resolution. The distribution of these certificates of treason must stop immediately. Pakistan belongs to everyone. Pushing an entire segment of the population to the wall is bound to produce friction in the body politics. The only way to remove these ever increasing frictions is to give the people their legitimate rights. Let the people feel free to pursue their political aspirations. Let the people be the judge of what is right and what is wrong. Let no leniency be shown to the criminals. Let them be hanged and let them be hanged high so that others may take heed. But the charge must be proved before condemning as guilty.

The writer can be reached at nasir.jamal@mqmpakistan.org

Visit Here : http://expertscolumn.com/content/past-and-present-accusations

A documentary about struggle of Quaid-E-Threek Altaf Hussain

Struggle of Quaid-E-Threek Altaf Hussain

Wohi Shaam-e-Gham Wohi Chashm-e-Nam - Hassan Nisar

US Navy's Billion Dollar Destroyer DDG 1000

The U.S. Navy has awarded General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, a $1.8 billion contract for the construction of DDG 1001 and DDG 1002, the next two ships in the Zumwalt-class program. DDG 1001 is scheduled to be delivered in December 2015 and DDG 1002 is scheduled to be delivered in February 2018.

"This contract enables us to maintain a strong base of quality shipbuilding jobs in Maine and continue our contributions to sustaining the U.S. Navy fleet," said Jeff Geiger, president of Bath Iron Works. "It provides Bath Iron Works with a healthy backlog of work and reflects the Navy's continued commitment to the DDG-1000 program, as well as their confidence in our ability to build and deliver all three ships of this class."

Geiger said, "Winning this work is a result of our commitment to operational excellence and to finding more efficient, affordable ways to operate in every part of our business. It gives us the opportunity to continue introducing new and innovative ways to build capable ships for the Navy."

Indian DRDO Conducts First Engine Run Test For LCA Naval Prototype Aircraft

The country's first indigenous effort to build a carrier borne naval fighter aircraft got a fillip with the crossing of another significant milestone of the first Engine Ground Run of the first LCA (Navy) prototype NP1, DRDO said today.

The team steering LCA (Navy) project comprises members of Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, HAL, DRDO, Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC), Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA), CSIR Labs, educational institutions, and other public and private sector partners, a Defence Research and Development Organisation statement said.

The first Engine Ground Run of NP1 aircraft, conducted at about 1830 hrs yesterday for its scheduled time, had the primary objective of checking aircraft to engine integration and activation of the various systems like flight control, hydraulics, fuel, electrical and avionics, which was successfully achieved.

India's Super Sukhois To Give Generation Leap To IAF

India is poised to get fifth generation aircraft sooner than expected. While an Indo-Russian programme to develop a fifth generation fighter aircraft is already under way, Russia has agreed to provide India with an advanced version of the Sukhoi-30MKI, which boasts of fifth generation capabilities and stealth features.

The Indian Air Force, which currently has over 100 Sukhoi MKIs, has placed an order with Russia for about 280-300 aircraft, which are likely to come in the form of the Super Sukhois.
This development is expected to provide India a considerable edge over Pakistan.

Indian DRDO To Tests Prithvi II, Agni II and Shourya Missiles

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will test-fire three surface-to-surface missiles, which can carry nuclear weapons, from Orissa's coast.

Hypersonic missile Shourya (valour), which can also carry conventional warheads, will be test-fired from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur near Balasore.

This will be followed by the launch of Prithvi-II on September 26, also from Chandipur, and Agni-II on September 30 from the Wheeler Island off Damra.

It will be the third launch of Shourya, which can fly at six-seven times the speed of sound (Mach 6 to 7) at low altitudes. The first launch was on November 12, 2008, and the second was kept a secret. It is the land-variant of underwater-launched missile K-15 that is being fitted into nuclear-powered submarine Arihant. K-15 is already under production.
DRDO missile technologists said the Saturday launch of Shourya would be “a proving trial with the user's [Services'] participation.” Since the first two launches were successful, the missile would be inducted into the Army if this flight too turned out to be a success. There would be no change in the configuration of the missile that can hit targets 750 km away.

Vietnam May Get Brahmos Cruise Missile From India

BrahMos Aerospace the Indo-Russian joint venture that has developed the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile is keen to sell the missile to Vietnam with which India is developing a strong strategic relationship, sources have confirmed.

However, the Indian government’s approval will have to be taken for any such acquisition. Sources also confirmed that Vietnam is already on a list of about 15 “friendly countries” that was decided by a joint Indo-Russian supervisory council to whom the BrahMos missile can be sold.

“Informal talks are on but no concrete proposal has been made as yet,” a source who did not want to be identified, told this newspaper. “Any acquisition of the BrahMos missile will be of immense value to Vietnam and will boost its defence preparedness,” sources said.

So far, the BrahMos missile has not been sold to any third country although a few have already evinced interest in acquiring it.

China To Support A Nuclear Free Zone In Middleast

China reaffirmed its support for the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East and said that Israel should join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as soon as possible.

China has always supported the strengthening of international nuclear non-proliferation regime and has been committed to promoting the universality, effectiveness and authority of the NPT, said Huang Wei, China's deputy envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Huang told the ongoing IAEA board meeting that China advocates that Israel should join the NPT as a non-nuclear country as soon as possible and put its all nuclear facilities under the IAEA's comprehensive safeguards.

Meanwhile, all countries in this region should earnestly fulfil their NPT obligations, sign and ratify IAEA comprehensive safeguards agreement and its additional protocols, Huang said.

Huang also said that China welcomed the proposal of holding in 2012 an international conference on a WMD-free (Weapon of mass destruction) zone in the Middle East, which was agreed at the 2010 NPT review conference.

T-95 and T-99 Most Advanced Russian Tanks

The Russian military is planning to carry out a large-scale rearmament of its armored units with new-generation main battle tanks (MBT) in 2014-2020, the Defense Ministry said.

“At present, the Russian scientists are developing a new-generation tank, and in 2014-2020 we are planning to replace the current fleet with new tanks on a large scale, so that the new models will constitute 70% of the total,” Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov said.

According to leading Russian military experts, two models, tentatively dubbed the T-95 and the T-99, are being developed. Both projects are highly classified, and it is still unknown which model will be selected for mass production.

The new tank will feature better firepower, maneuverability, electronics and armor protection than the T-90 MBT.

The Russian Ground Forces are equipped with T-72, T-80 and T-90 MBTs and their variants. The existing state arms procurement program envisions a thorough overhaul of T-72 tanks until 2014.

Amphibious Vessels For Indian Navy

The Indian government has cleared the Rs 2,176-crore acquisition of eight specialised vessels or LCUs (landing craft utility), capable of "hard beaching" on enemy shores, to boost the country's amphibious warfare and island protection capabilities.

This comes even as the defence ministry is finalizing another project to acquire four huge amphibious warfare ships, called Landing Platform Docks (LPDs) for "stand-off beaching", for around Rs 16,000 crore.

The LCUs and LPDs will help in swiftly transporting thousands of troops, heavy weapon systems and infantry combat vehicles over long distances to take the battle right to the enemy mainland.

The Cabinet Committee on Security cleared the LCU project for the eight amphibious assault vessels, to be built by the Kolkata-based defence PSU Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd, a couple of days ago. "The first LCU will be delivered in three years," said an official.

The LCUs are likely to be based at India's first and only regional 'theatre command', the strategically-located Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC), which will complete 10 years of existence next month.

NATO-India Missile Defense Cooperation

In a move that holds great strategic significance, Nato has offered to share its missile defence technology with India to build its capability to shoot down incoming enemy missiles, realising the commonality of threats faced by the 28-nation grouping and South Asia's pre-eminent power.

India, thus, becomes the only nation, apart from Russia, outside of the Nato that the US-led military alliance is willing to work in the critical missile defence technology sector.

The Nato missile defence project, launched in May 2001, aims to work with member-countries to meet the group's responsibility of defending itself from missile attacks. India too is in the process of developing its own ballistic missile defence system based on its Prithvi ballistic missile platform considering the missile threats it faces from rivals in the region.

Agni II/III Missiles Deployed Near Chinese Borders

The Indian government is now ready to deploy/ed the nuclear-capable Agni-III ballistic missile — with a range of 3,000-3,500 km and capable of hitting targets in China — at Chinese border areas. It is also in the process of acquiring 42 more Russian-origin Sukhoi-30 MKI frontline fighters to “populate” airbases at Tezpur and Chabua in Assam to bolster the eastern sector.

The government is also reportedly moving the strategic Agni-II missile inducted earlier to areas near the Chinese border. These have a range of around 2,000 km.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned the allegations levelled by of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US armed forces on Pakistan, the armed forces of Pakistan and the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI).

Mr Hussain said a large province of the country was in the grip of the dengue virus epidemic, and floods had devastated another province. Terrorists were carrying out bomb attacks in different parts of the country one after other killing innocent people. The US and its high-ranking officials should have sympathized with Pakistan instead of giving such negative statements that undermined the highly sensitive institutions of the country and could also hurt the feelings of every Pakistani.

Mr Hussain said that the US government, and the heads of the US armed forces must never forget that Pakistan had not only played the role of the frontline state in the war against terror, but the armed forces of Pakistan had also offered the sacrifices of its officers and men in combating terrorism. Moreover, thousands of Pakistani citizens had fallen victim to terrorism. The role played by the ISI along with the intelligence agencies of the United States in arresting top targets of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations was greatly commendable. It was very unjust to blame such a sensitive institution that was actively working against the terrorists for being in complicity with the terrorists.

Mr Hussain impressed upon President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani to call a round table conference on an emergency basis in order to formulate a strategy for meeting the national challenges. Heads of the armed forces and the director general of the ISI should also be called in the conference.
Mr Hussain said that either the president or the prime minister must address the nation in order to take them into confidence. The entire nation and the other should be informed about the stance of Pakistan on the present critical situation.

Mr Hussain assured the armed forces of the country, the ISI and other sensitive institutions that the entire country stood firmly behind them in order to face the challenges to the national security and existence.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taliban Strengthened Stongholds In Karachi



The intelligence agencies have expressed concerns that a high-ranking police officer of the Sindh Police could be the next target of the extremist elements. The Taliban have strengthened their positions in different parts of Karachi. The incidents of targeted killings in the city were deliberately carried out on a large scale in order to divert the close attention of investigating agencies from the extremist elements. Sources informed that the efforts of the law-enforcing agencies for improving the law and order situation in the city, and the terrorist elements involved in it have not been successful so far. The Taliban have been able to strengthen their foothold in spite of the steps taken by the law-enforcing agencies.

The intelligence agencies have warned that the extremists can strike soon for the next target. The officer of the investigation department of the Sindh Police who had been actively involved in the arrest of their agents could be the next target. Government sources that are undertaking a research for eliminating terrorism from the city revealed that the Taliban have strong positions in the city at present. No sooner had the actions of the law-enforcing agencies slackened against them than they started taking positions Sohrab Goth, Manghopir, Baldia Town, Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road, Sultanabad, Hijrat Colony, City Railway Colony, Kemari, and other adjoining areas, and in the shanti towns along the Super Highway.

Houses built illegally in the shanty town have been bought by the Taliban at high prices, and new concrete buildings have been raised on their place. The Taliban pay 2 to 3 lacks for a house costing 80 thousand to one lack and 20 thousands only. The Taliban get houses on inflated rents in the localities where they want to settle. Taking advantage of the poverty of the house owner they give money on loans. When the owner is burdened under the debt, they buy the house.

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Christians Welcomes Altaf Hussain's Statement Regarding History and Ideology of Pakistan

Christians Welcomes Altaf Hussain's (MQM Founder and Cheif) Statement Regarding History and Ideology of Pakistan

Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC paid homage to MQM Chief Altaf Hussain on presenting true Ideology and History of Pakistan which have been scratched by anti-Pakistan Muslim historians. Nazir Bhatti said that Pakistan Christian Congress PCC welcomes statement of MQM Chief and assures him that millions of Pakistani Christians are with you and ready to face any hardship with MQM to prevail truth in Pakistan.

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MQM Press Statement (2011/6/09)

MQM Press Statement Release 2011/6/09 Click Here

MQM Press Conference: Mustafa Kamal answers 'baseless' allegations on MQM

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader and former Karachi Nazim, Mustafa Kamal addressed a press conference at the MQM headquarters nine-zero, in Azizabad Karachi where he lashed out against former Sindh senior minister’s Zulfiqar Mirza’s allegations against the MQM.

Kamal called for the Chief Justice of Pakistan to conduct an inquiry into the claims made by Zulfiqar Mirza of issuing over 300,000 arms licences and whether all of these licences were issued in accordance with law and not to raise a private army for Mirza.

He said that the MQM had chosen to remain silent over allegations against it over the past week since it did not wish to get embroiled in a war of words.

He also laid allegations of an ongoing slant in the media against the MQM. He said that a letter, purportedly written by MQM chief Altaf Hussain to Tony Blair where he had agreed to break up Pakistan, was being used as proof to paint MQM in a negative light.

Furthermore, Kamal said that the media had been playing up the viewpoints put forward by Zulfiqar Mirza. Media anchors were deliberately holding a media trial of the MQM in their programs, he said.

Kamal also blamed the media for ignoring the ISI and Army confessions of falsely blaming the MQM for harboring anti-state elements which had led operations against the MQM in 1992.

Target killings

Responding to the allegations by Zulfiqar Mirza of MQM-led target killing in Karachi, Kamal said that it was not the MQM who had started the indiscriminate murder of Mohajirs in Hyderabad, at Katti Pahari and Shershah.

He pointed out that hundreds of people had been abducted around Lyari on the basis of their Urdu speaking ethnicity. These people were then tortured, killed, and their cut up bodies stuffed in gunny bags.

Kamal also called into question the video testimony of Ajmal Pahari. The former mayor questioned why Pahari was the only target killer found by the intelligence agencies. Kamal also claimed that Pahari had confessed under torture, hence his testimony could not be believed.

“Anyone given under a JIT would have confessed to plotting the 9/11 attacks within two hours. Pahari would even confess to all those crimes he did not commit under torture, anyone would,” Kamal said.

He also questioned why there had been no suo motu notice of the killings in 1992 when 15,000 Mohajirs had been killed.

Answering the allegations placed on the MQM by PPP leader, Lashkari Raisani, Kamal asked why Raisani was overlooking the fact that criminals rained bullets for four days at Katti Pahari, and when culprits forced passengers off a bus in Benaras and shot dead 14 people.

Kamal also blamed the government for not giving Rangers orders sooner to move into the affected areas of Katti Pahari and confronting criminals.

Suo Motu on Karachi killings

Kamal said that MQM would fully support and facilitate the suo motu investigations into the Karachi killings.

He also urged the media to refrain from issuing judgments till the court had come to a decision.

Stealing NATO containers

Rebutting allegations about MQM stealing NATO supplies, Mustafa Kamal questioned what motive the party would have to do that.

He also posed a question to Zulfiqar Mirza regarding FIRs registered against the MQM for raiding NATO containers.

JIT Reports Against MQM Exposed

Friday, September 2, 2011

JF-17 Block II

The JF-17 Block II is believed to have AESA radars similar to those observed on the J-10B. The integrated avionics, sensors and EW suite is entirely Chinese and is believed to be at the level of European best planes. The AESA radar is a slightly smaller version of the one being utilized for the J-10B. The radar is highly sophisticated and its installation is beyond the present capacity at PAC Kamra and will thus require the aircraft to take a trip to Nanjing, China.

The Block II will be the standard version to be used in the PAF with the older Block Is to be retired after the end of production for the first 150 aircraft. This suggests that the structural changes needed to convert the Block Is to Block II standard are significant, suggesting considerable changes to the revised edition. The following are believed to be some of the key changes:

1. AESA radar

2. Comprehensive upgrades for low RCS profile including cockpit glass, RAM paint, refined structure, completely new nose structure for AESA, significant increase in the use of composites and retractable refueling probe.

3. Awaited integration of A-Darter missiles from Brazil / South Africa with HOBS capability and Brazilian HMS.

4. The BVR missile is the SD-10B which has been found more than a match for the AMRAAM-120 C5s. An unknown Meteor class missile is in the works beyond the SD-10Bs.

Real Story Behind Drone Attacks In Pakistan

With governments like Pakistan's current regime, who needs the strong arm of the CIA? According to Bob Woodward's latest bestseller Obama's Wars, when Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari, an obsequiously dangerous man, was notified that the CIA would be launching missile strikes from drones over his country's sovereign territory, he replied, "Kill the seniors. Collateral damage worries you Americans. It doesn't worry me."

In 2008, for example, Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani enthusiastically told American Ambassador Anne Paterson that he "didn't care" if drone strikes were launched against his country as long as the "right people" were targeted. (They weren't.) "We'll protest in the National Assembly," Gilani added cynically, "and then ignore it."

In fact, protests by the National Assembly have been few and far between and yet Pakistani territory had been targeted by American unmanned Predator and Reaper missile strikes more than 100 times this year alone. CIA drone strikes have, in fact, been a feature of the American war in Pakistan since 2004. In 2008, after Barack Obama won the presidency in the U.S. and Zardari ascended to Pakistan's highest office, the strikes escalated and soon began occurring almost weekly, later nearly daily, and so became a permanent feature of life for those living in the tribal borderlands of northern Pakistan.

Russian PAK-FA Stealth Fighters

Two Russian PAK-FA Fifth Generation Stealth Fighters Photo Caught While They Were Flying.

MIG 35 Is Equal To US F 35

The Russian military will use new MiG-35D multirole fighters as an equal to the U.S. F-35 fighters, the Air Force chief said on Tuesday.

"We have not given up on the MiG-35D aircraft project, but we will transfer to the T-50 [heavy fighter] in the future," Gen. Alexander Zelin, the Russian Air Force commander, said during his visit to the six-day air show MAKS-2011 that opened near Moscow on Tuesday.

The U.S. Air Force began using the F-22 fifth generation fighter in the 2000s. America is now developing a lighter and less expensive version, the F-35.

Indian Super Sukhois

India's air superiority Sukhoi-30MKI fighters will soon be converted into 'Super Sukhois' by upgrading them with fifth generation combat jet features, the Russian original equipment manufacturer Irkut Corporation has announced.

The upgrade will include a new cockpit, an upgraded radar and advanced stealth characteristics to make the plane less visible to enemy radar than the existing Indian Air Force (IAF) Sukhoi-30 fleet, Irkut's president and chairman Alexy Fedorov said at the Moscow Air Show here.
The IAF currently has five operational Sukhoi 30MKI squadrons numbering around 100
aircraft. It will ultimately have over 230 Sukhoi-30MKIs or 13 squadrons in its fleet.

The fleet is under licenced production at the Bangalore-based Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and the entire fleet will be upgraded to the 'Super Sukhoi' configuration.

'The upgrade will apply not only to the aircraft in service with the Indian Air Force (IAF) but also to those yet to be delivered to India and to be licence-manufactured by HAL,' Fedorov said.

Most significantly, the aircraft will be able to carry a heavier weapon load, including the airborne version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, he added.

Taiwan Long Range Precision Guided Missiles

Taiwan plans to develop a long-distance precision-guided missile which would be able to strike military bases along China's southeastern coastline in the event of war

Indian Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft

India has reportedly cleared a fifth generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA)to be developed by 2017 whose total cost is estimated at $2bn.

According to a news report in The Hindu newspaper, the Govt of India has released Rs. 100 crore($20 million) last month to the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), an Indian government controlled research body which has also developed the LCA Tejus fourth generation fighter.

"AMCA, when developed and produced, would probably be the first medium combat aircraft with 20 tonne weight in the world. Similar aircraft being developed by the United States and Russia are in the range of 30 to 35 tonnes," PS Subramanyam, ADA Director and Programme Director (Combat Aircraft), was quoted as saying in the news report.

MQM Termed Zulfiqar Mirza Allegations As Absolute Absurd



MQM Press Release

We thank you for coming to attend this Press Conference

The monstrous allegation made by Zulfiqar Mirza about an alleged US plot to break Pakistan, referring to his meeting with Mr Altaf Hussain in London, is as much laughable as it is grave. The mental condition of Zulfiqar Mirza can easily be judged from this. Zulfiqar Mirza has tried to increase his diminutive stature by pointing finger at the leader of the third largest political party who is honoured by millions of people. It is highly ridiculous that Mr Altaf Hussain asked Dr Farooq Sattar, Governor Sind Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad and other senior leaders of the MQM to go out of the room, as Mirza himself says, and held secretive talks with him. This would mean that the people who had been working with Mr Altaf Hussain for many years were not worthy of his trust, and those who were meeting with him for the first time were so reliable that he could hold highly confidential talks with them. This is nothing but slander and a white lie. There is not a speck of reality in it and the MQM condemns this in the strongest possible terms.

People know it very well that the fabricated, appalling and outrageous allegation of Jinnahpur was levelled against the MQM in the past as well in an attempt to malign it as an anti-state political party. Self-made maps were also produced before the people but a time came when the conspirators came on the media and accepted before the nation that the Jinnahpur allegation was a drama and that no maps were discovered. Mr Altaf Hussain is a great and a patriotic leader of the country and the MQM is the political party of the descendants of the founders of Pakistan, who sacrificed millions of lives in the struggle for Pakistan. They left their homes, belongings and memories of their ancestors for their cherished homeland. Everyone in Pakistan knows that it was Zulfiqar Mirza who talked about breaking Pakistan in his speech before the media. Zulfiqar Mirza has only tried to mislead the international community, armed forces of Pakistan, national defence institutions and patriotic people by making these unfounded and repugnant allegations -hitting several targets with one bullet.

The conversation imputed to Mr Altaf Hussain by Zulfiqar Mirza regarding killing of the Pakhtuns is an unabashed lie, baseless and a figment of imagination of his devious mind. The purpose of this allegation is to create hatred and animosity in the minds of the Pakhtuns against the Mr Altaf Hussain and to bring them in confrontation with the MQM. We want to assure the Pakhtuns beyond a shadow of doubt that Mr Altaf Hussain and the MQM have never been against the Pakhtuns. We consider them as our brothers and hold their life, property and dignity as sacred as we hold ours. We never had any dispute with the Pakhtuns and there will never be a feud with the Pakhtuns in the future as well. It is actually Zulfiqar Mirza who has been trying to pitch the Pakhtuns and the Mohajirs against each other by fomenting violence and protecting the miscreants. We also want to inform the people that a large number of Pakhtuns from Karachi, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah and other parts of the country are present in the MQM, and Gulfaraz Khan Khattak, a Pakhtun, is a member of the Co-ordination Committee that is the policy-making body of the MQM.

Respected Journalists

There never was a dispute between the Baluchs and the Mohajirs in Karachi before Zulfiqar Mirza become the Home Minister. Zulfiqar Mirza conspired to provoke violence between the Baluchs through a nefarious conspiracy. The Baluchs are old citizens of Karachi and they are our brothers. No sooner had Zulfiqar Mirza become the Home Minister than the incidents of kidnapping for ransom, extortion, robbery spiked in Karachi. Any trader and shopkeeper who dared to refuse ransom or extortion money in the areas of Saddar, Burns Road, Kharadar, Mithadar, Jodia Bazar, Tower and the other adjoining areas was killed in broad daylight. The massacre of the shopkeepers in Sher Shah Kabari Market is a glaring example in which several shopkeepers were put to death by indiscriminate firing when they refused to give extortion money to the criminal elements of Zulfiqar Mirza. Many others were seriously wounded in the firing. The accused terrorists of the People’s Amn Committee who were nominated in the case were turned over to the police in the office of Zulfiqar Mirza. The shopkeepers who were plaintiff in the case were threatened with murder if they identified the killers. The business community at large kept on raising voice against his open terrorism and thuggery but the incidents did not stop because Zulfiqar Mirza was avowedly patronizing the criminals. He is still supporting the criminals and the terrorists which is the basic reason of the lawlessness in Karachi. Every businessman, industrialists, shopkeeper and even small children know as to who supports the extortion mafia in Karachi.

Respected Journalists

Zulfiqar Mirza has made tall claims about peace in Karachi. Had he any concern with bringing peace in Karachi, he would have supported indiscriminating and across the board action against terrorists and criminal elements in Karachi, but he fiercely opposed action against the dissolved Peoples Amn Committee in every government meeting. Zulfiqar Mirza started making baseless allegations not only against the MQM but also the government, Federal Interior Minister, Governor Sindh and PPP leaders Agha Siraj Durrani and Babar Awan as soon as the Rangers moved against the terrorists of gang war in Lyari, finished no-go areas, arrested criminals, recovered weapons and discovered torture cells. Zulfiqar Mirza did this in a bid to stop action against the criminal elements and to influence the suo motu action taken by the Supreme Court against bloodshed, mayhem and extortion mafia in Karachi.

Respected Journalists

As far as the reports of the Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) are considered we maintain that unless the guilt is established in a court of law, the accused should be considered as innocent. Innocent until proven guilty. Hundreds of cases were made against the MQM in order to defame it and harm its credibility in the public. From stealing the cap of a policeman to Jinnahpur and from the murder of a common man to Hakim Saeed, false cases were registered against the MQM workers but they have been honourably discharged from all cases through courts. Zulfiqar Mirza should prove the allegations in the courts instead of showing them on the media. He should let the courts do their work and not become the judge and the jailer himself. We want the action against the criminals elements in Karachi to proceed indiscriminately and no leniency should be shown to anyone involved in criminal offences.

Respected Journalists

We respect the co-chairman of the PPP and President Asif Ali Zardari, PPP leadership and the mandate of their party from the bottom of our heart and we hope that they will foil the negative activities of extremist elements like Zulfiqar Mirza that want to harm the democratic process by driving a wedge between the PPP and the MQM, create disturbance in Sindh and create feud between the voters of both the parties. We will continue to work for bringing peace and stability in Sindh, particularly Karachi, under the guiding leadership of Mr Altaf Hussain.

We would once again appeal the workers, sympathizers, and the general public not to get provoked at inflammatory and absurd allegations. We would ask them to restrain their emotions and know that Allah is All-seeing and the best of Judges.

Faisal Sabzwari &

Members of Sindh Assembly

Businessmen protested against Zulfiqar Mirza Extortion Mafia

It is becoming habit of MQM opponents and detractors to distort fact about Karachi and blame MQM for any crime that is happening in Karachi which is not only proved false fabricated and concocted every time but there is also a reason behind those allegations on MQM, to save Real Culprits and to defame MQM.

It is always propagated that MQM takes Bhatta or extortion in Karachi which is far from reality, reality is ANP PPP have organized Bhatta Mafia and Extortion rackets in Karachi who are killing people for not giving Bhatta, PPP Senior Minister is incharge of Extortion Racket in Karachi and everyone knows what PPP workers like famous criminal and terrorists Uzair Baloch leader of notorious Rehman Dakait gang is doing in Karachi.

Now Businessmen of Karachi starts to expose the Extortion and Bhatta Mafia in Karachi. See from your own eyes who is the Real Boss of Extortion Mafia in Karachi.

W-11 Minibus Burnt By ANP Terrorists

"Peoples Party" A Terrorist Organization?

Pashtun Terrorism Against Punjabi Community

Analysis of Zulfiqar Mirza Anti Urdu Speaking Press Conference