Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soviet Era Satellite To Fall To Earth

Meteor-1, the Soviet Union’s first fully operational weather satellite, will on Monday night re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere after more than four decades in orbit, the web site of the U.S. Strategic Command said.

The Meteor satellite series was developed in the Soviet Union during the sixties. On March 26, 1969, a Vostok rocket launched Meteor -1, the very first version of the Soviet Meteor satellite network, into orbit. The satellite terminated operations in July 1970, according to NASA information.

The spacecraft is expected to begin falling at 3:13 a.m. Moscow time on March 27 with debris estimated to fall into the Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka, the U.S. Strategic Command said.

Weighing between 1,200 and 1,400 kilograms, the Meteor 1-1 spacecraft was originally placed in orbit at an altitude of 650 km, the Space Safety magazine said. Two solar panels were automatically oriented toward the sun to provide the spacecraft with the maximum amount of solar power.

Meteor-1 provided near-global observations of the earth's weather systems, cloud cover, ice and snow fields, and reflected and emitted radiation from the dayside and nightside of the earth-atmosphere system for operational use by the Soviet meteorological service.

Some of the processed data and TV pictures from the satellite were distributed to meteorological centers around the world.

Zulfiqar Mirza Patronised Banned Peoples Aman Commitee Terrorists Killed MQM Workers


In the early hours of 27 March 2012, terrorists of Amn Committee led by notorious gang leader Ahmed Ali and Munna Ghanchi, attacked several homes of MQM workers and supporters in the PIB Colony of Karachi. They attacked in particular the residence of Mansoor Mukhtar, the Member of MQM Sector Committee of PIB, and opened heavy fire upon him. As a result Mansoor sustained several bullet injuries and succumbed to his injuries, while his brother Masood and sister in law Uzma also received bullet injuries and their condition is critical. Masood Mukhtar could not survive and died at hospital while his wife Uzma is still in critical condition.The same terrorists also attacked and injured other MQM workers Mohammad Yousuf and Mohammad Amjad in other parts of PIB colony.The condition of Mohammad Yousuf is reported to be critical.

The Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has announced a Day of Mourning today (Tuesday) in Sindh against the killings of the Sector Member Mansoor Mukhtar and his brother Masood Akhter in PIB Colony area of Karachi by the criminals and terrorists of the gang war. The committee has announced that a day of mourning would be observed in Sindh today against the martyrdom of the sector member and incidents of blatant terrorism in Karachi.

The Co-ordination Committee said that a number of terrorists of the Lyari gang war attacked the house of sector member Mansoor Mukhtar early in the morning. They stormed into the house and killed Mansoor Mukhtar by firing indiscriminately. His brother Masood Mukhtar and sister-in-law Uzma Masood also received bullet injuries. The terrorists ransacked the entire house and took away the valuables. The terrorists also injured Muhammad Yousuf, who is a resident of the Nishtar Basti and Muhammad Amjab, who lives in Ghousia Colony of the PIB area.

The Co-ordination Committee said that the terrorists of the gang war had been targeting the MQM workers and sympathizers in the PIB Colony area for quite some time, but no action was taken against them. The committee said that the martyrdom of a sector member was a big loss for the MQM for which the day of mourning has been announced in Sindh today. The committee added that the courage and resolve of the workers cannot be subsided by such dastardly terrorist attacks.

The Co-ordination Committee demanded of President Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Home Minister Manzoor Wassan to take action against the terrorists involved in the martyrdom of Mansoor Mukhtar and bring them to justice.

Venue of Aalmi Mushaira Karachi Was Attacked By ANP Terrorists: Press Release


Respected Journalists

First of all we are thankful to you for coming to attend this Press Conference. The press conference has been called to inform the people of Pakistan about the elements that are responsible for undermining the environment of peace and amity in Karachi by their vicious activities.

You know it very well that the MQM is committed to restore the former glory of Karachi and it is striving to promote political, cultural and social activities in the city with a view to giving a message to the world that there is peace and tranquillity in Karachi which is also the epicentre of economic activities in the country. The MQM wants the world to know that political, social and cultural activities are thriving in the city and continue even late in the night.

Respected Journalists

The Defence and Clifton Residents Committee of the MQM had organized an “Almi Mushaira” the previous night. The venue of the Mushaira was in the vicinity of the “Do Talwar” area of Clifton. Noted poets from Pakistan and from outside the country were invited to charm the audience with their poetry. The MQM leaders, elected representatives, dignitaries, and a large number of local residents had also come to attend the Mushaira. No sooner had the programme started than the terrorists, riding in vehicles, started firing with latest automatic weapons.

There was commotion and disorder in the Mushaira due to the intense firing and it was evident that the terrorists had come with the aim to sabotage the programme. The firing continued unstoppably for quite some time and the vehicles of the audience, the police and other people were also vandalized and damaged.

The unfortunate attack of the armed assailants was covered live by various television channels and it was seen by people across the country. The public would have formed a clear idea as to why the peaceful Mushaira was made the target of the terrorist attack.

The police personnel, present on the scene for security purpose, challenged the terrorists and returned fire. One of the terrorists, identified as Kamran, was killed by the firing of the police, while other terrorists managed to flee the scene. The terrorist killed in the police encounter and identified as Kamran Khan belongs to the Awami National Party (ANP). The attackers who managed to escape also belong to the ANP.

Respected Journalists

On the one hand the leader of the ANP speak ad nauseam about the philosophy of non-violence of the Bacha Khan day in and day out, while on the other hand the ANP resorts to blatant terrorism for spoiling peace in Karachi. The ANP terrorists are actively involved in extortion, looting and terrorism in Karachi. It does not befit the elements carrying out terrorism for their vested interests and brandishing latest automatic weapons to speak about the philosophy o f the Bacha Khan.

You will also be aware of the fact that the ANP terrorists had attacked the offices of Jang and Geo Television some days ago and manhandled the cable operators. They had roughed up the cable operators and threatened them with dire consequences. Expensive cable were cut down in different parts of the city causing huge financial loss to the cable operators.

These incidents would have made it abundantly clear to the people of Pakistan that it is the ANP that it directly responsible for bloodshed and terrorism in Karachi. The ANP does not like the environment of peace and tranquillity in Karachi and hence it is terrorizing innocent citizens.

We believe that the ANP government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has failed miserably in protecting the life and property of the people and the tales of pervading corruptions are commonplace. The provincial government of the ANP is being dubbed as the most corrupt government in the country.

It is because of this reason that the ANP looking at controlling Karachi by resorting to terrorism but the people of Karachi are determined that they would not succumb to the terrorism unleashed by the ANP. They have resolved that they would not hesitate from offering any sacrifice for continuing the political, social and cultural activities for bringing a durable peace in Karachi.

Respected Journalists

The MQM is a peace-loving and democratic party. It believes in the policy of “live and let live”, nevertheless, we would like to make it clear to the handful of terrorists that are trying to control Karachi that the policy of peace should not be misconstrued as weakness on the part of the MQM. It must always be borne in mind that if the patience of the peaceful citizens of Karachi gave way, the handful terrorists would not even be able to find a place of retreat.

Respected Journalists

We will appeal President Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Home Minister Manzoor Wassan through this press conference to take action against the ANP terrorists and their sponsors involved in the attack on the “Almi Mushaira” of the MQM. The ANP terrorists involved in terrorism and loot in Karachi should be dealt with strongly according to law. Steps must be taken on urgent basis to foil the conspiracy to subvert peace in Karachi.

We praise the police personnel who challenged the terrorists and the media persons who covered the incident live and showed the world the real face of the ANP.

Once again we are thankful to you for coming to attend this press conference.

Co-ordination Committee

Muttahida Quami Movement


Monday, March 26, 2012

Myanmar and Bangladesh Got Type 053 Frigates

China has recently sold used frigates to Myanmar and Bangladesh, two nations that have had naval disputes with each other in the past. Burma got two Type 53H1 frigates, built in the 1980s. The Burmese Type 53s are 2,000 ton ships armed with four anti-ship missiles, two 100mm guns, and lots of depth charges. Bangladesh is getting two Type 53H2, which were built in the early 1990s and are generally the same as the 53H1s but carry eight anti-ship missiles. Both nations paid very little for their Type 53s (probably free), but compared to what these two fleets already had, the used frigates were a step up.

China built 53 Type 53 frigates (that's a lot). Based on the older Soviet Riga class frigates, the Chinese expanded the original 1,400 ton design (armed with depth charges, three 100mm guns, and torpedoes) to a missile laden 2,000-2,500 ton vessel equipped with modern electronics. The latest version, called the F-22, is built only for export. The primary customer is Pakistan (four sold so far). The remaining Type 53s are mainly used for coastal patrol.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coalition Airstrike Killed Taleban Bomb Maker Expert

March 23, 2012 – A coalition airstrike killed a Taliban expert bomb maker and wounded another insurgent in the Baghlan-e Jadid district of Afghanistan’s Baghlan province today, military officials reported.

The airstrike targeted the two insurgents as they were planting two roadside bombs. One bomb was a pressure plate device, and the other was remote-controlled.

Afghan and coalition security forces removed and destroyed both explosives and detained the wounded insurgent. The expert bomb maker built explosive devices for attacks against Afghan and coalition troops and trained other insurgents in constructing roadside bombs, officials said.

In other news, a combined force captured a Taliban facilitator and another suspect in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province today. The facilitator provided weapons and bomb-making materials to insurgents throughout the district and western Kandahar province. He also participated in illegal drug trafficking.

Also today, an Afghan-led force captured a Taliban facilitator, detained several other suspects and confiscated a shotgun in the Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province. The facilitator provided financial and logistical support to insurgents.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

India Tops World's Arms Imports

India has topped a rating of the world's largest heavy arms importers, released on Monday by the independent Stockholm-based International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), researching into conflicts, arms control and disarmament.

According to the report, India, the largest arms recipient, accounted for 10 percent of global arms imports between 2007 and 2011. Among the most significant contracts signed by India is the purchase of 120 Russian Su-30MK multirole combat aircraft, 29 Mig-29Ks and 20 British Jaguar fighters.

The top five arms importers include states in Asia and Oceania: India, South Korea, Pakistan, China and Singapore, which account for 30 per cent of all imports of major conventional weapons between 2007 and 2011, the report said.

SIPRI, which calls Russia “a minor importer of major conventional weapons,” mentioned Moscow's recent arms deals, which include the delivery of four French Mistral-class helicopter carriers, up to 2500 Italian 60 Lynx LMV armored vehicles and Israeli unmanned drones.

The United States and Russia were named the key arms suppliers that accounted for 30 and 24 percent of all exports respectively.

During 2011, the United States delivered 64 combat aircraft, including 11 F-15Es to South Korea, 7 F-15SGs to Singapore, 9 F/A-18Es to Australia, 12 F-16Cs to Turkey and 16 F-16Cs to Morocco, the think tank’s report said.

“The most significant order placed in 2011, the largest arms deal for at least two decades, was Saudi Arabia’s order for 84 new F-15SG combat aircraft and upgrade of 70 existing F-15Es to the same standard,

India's Classified Nuclear Program Data Information Laptop Stolen

An Indian nuclear scientist’s laptop with classified nuclear data was stolen from a passenger rail and is still missing raising serious alarm all over India.

According to a report the Indian nuclear researcher raised an alarm when his laptop, reportedly filled with critical data, was stolen on March 15, 2012 and remained missing till date.

News Service reported that the scientist, who is reportedly involved with the Kairga atomic power plant in Karnataka, demanded that train officials find his laptop that included identifying documents. It is believed that the laptop contained secret nuclear codes and possibly the blue-print of Kairga Atomic Plant.

The report added that Thiruvananthapuram-bound train was stopped and several passengers were searched and asked for said laptop but the laptop could not be found. Rajdhani Express was forced to have emergency halt at Ratnagiri Station (Maharashtra) when a nuclear scientist’s laptop containing vital information was stolen.

According to latest reports despite emergency search raids conducted on train it did not turn up any clues as to what happened to the stolen laptop.

Law enforcement officials have opened an investigation into the matter and began detaining potential perpetrators.

The scientist who was not named for secrecy and classified works told Police that he had also lost very important credential papers. Indian railway officials have confirmed that a report has been lodged but other senior police officials were trying to hide the scandal-like incident and advised journalists not to overplay the issue.

India Increased Defence Spending By 17 Percent

India on Friday increased its military spending by 17 per cent to $41 billion in the Union Budget 2012-13. Of this expenditure, $17.5 billion will be reserved for procuring new equipment.

The hike comes a year after India had increased its budget expenses by 11 per cent. A cumulative outlook over the past two years shows that India has increased military spending by a third.

The move is also seen as a way to counter China’s 11 per cent defence spending increase just a few days ago.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, presenting the general budget for the next fiscal in the Lok Sabha, said this allocation was based on the present needs projected by the defence ministry and that further needs for national security would be met.

The capital expenditure of the armed forces – that which goes towards purchase of equipment – was set at around $ 17 billion, a 15.7 per cent hike from last year’s capital allocation. 70 per cent of this amount will go towards servicing contracts already signed. The rest will be reserved for the procurement of new equipment, including procuring new aircraft from French company Rafale.

The revenue component of the Defence budget amounted to $21.67 billion. This part of the budget that goes towards paying salaries, was $18.15 billion in the budget estimate, but was $ 19.9 billion in the Revised Estimates, suggesting the services had overspent under this head.
Commenting on the ballooning revenue aspect of the defence budget, Dr Laxman Behera of the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses said: “Pay and allowances are obligatory in nature and the government has little control over their growth, given the mandatory increase in annual pay and dearness allowances. Moreover, most of today’s pay and allowances constitute tomorrow’s defence pensions, over which also the government has little control. The uncontrollable growth in these two components have great implication on other aspects of the defence budget.”

On the capital side, India is on the verge of signing a USD $20 billion contract for 126 Rafale medium multirole combat aircraft, apart from a USD 600 million deal for 75 Pilatus PC-7 basic trainer for its air force.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cricket World Cup 2011 Semifinal Match Between India Vs Pakistan was Fixed

LONDON: Cricket again came under a cloud as the Sunday Times, London, carried out a sting operation on a Delhi-based bookie who claimed last year's World Cup semifinal between India and Pakistan at Mohali was rigged.

The man, identified as Vicky Seth and described as "one of Delhi's most influential bookmakers", made a slew of "revelations" during a drinking session with an undercover Sunday Times reporter, who videotaped the conversation. The reporter had in 2010 exposed three Pakistani cricketers, who were later convicted, for indulging in "spot-fixing" in the News of the World newspaper.

India had won the semifinal match in which the number of catches dropped by the Pakistan team had become a talking point. However, the International Cricket Council denied to TOI that it was launching an inquiry into these claims although it could not be ruled out that there was an ongoing probe into some of the issues raised by the bookie.

The report quoted Seth as saying a Bollywood actress, who was not named, was used by bookies as a honeytrap to tempt county cricketers into corruption. The report asserted: "The ICC is aware of the activities of an actress, suspected of attempting to subvert players." The ICC declined comment.

The bookie also claimed that "big money" is to be made in Test matches and the Indian Premier League.

Asked to react, the head of media and communications at the ICC, Colin Gibson, said: "We don't comment on ICC's anti-corruption and security unit matters." He added the "spokesman" quoted by the UK's Sunday Times was neither him nor any of his colleagues.

Meanwhile, a source at the ICC pointed to the statement issued by Ravi Sawani, the ICC anti-corruption and security unit's chief investigator at the time, who denied there was anything suspicious about the Indo-Pak game and recorded that no investigation was needed or carried out. Sawani was last year credited with nailing the three Pakistani cricketers for spot-fixing and has since left ICC.

Seth is said to have boasted match-fixing "will always carry on in cricket". He said, "There is just so much money involved and it's easy to do as long as people don't talk".

Seth claimed "tens of thousands of pounds are on offer to fix matches". He reportedly told the paper that English county cricket was a growing market for fixing since the matches were low profile and were not being intensely monitored.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Russia & Iran Want to Lay Gas Pipeline: Finance Minister

ISLAMABAD: Russia and Iran have shown interest in laying the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline and the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has formed a Federal Cabinet body to take stock of the offer.

The ECC formed the Cabinet committee after it was briefed about the offer at its meeting held under the chairmanship of Federal Finance Minister Dr. Hafeez Sheikh here.

The committee comprising Federal Ministers Syed Naveed Qamar, Dr. Asim Hussain, Federal Secretary for Economic Affairs and Finance and Governor State Bank of Pakistan, has been directed to complete the assigned task within 2 to 3 days.

The meeting was informed that Iran had also offered an amount of 250 million dollars as an initial financing for the project.

The ECC also approved a package of Rs6.10 billion for Pakistan Railways to repair and restore the broken down locomotives.

The meeting also formed a committee for exporting 1.280 million tones wheat to Iran.

Another Heinous Crime & Human Rights Violation Made By US Troops

Monday 12 March 2012

A US soldier has shot dead 16 Afghan civilians, nine of them children, in a night-time shooting spree in a village outside his base in southern Afghanistan, a rampage the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, said was "impossible to forgive".

The unprecedented attack on families asleep in their homes came as anti-foreign sentiment was already running high after Afghans discovered US troops had burned holy Quran at a military base.

That discovery prompted days of deadly violence. The killings in the early hours of Sunday morning are likely to fuel more anger across Afghanistan and raise questions in Kabul and the US about the future of an increasingly unpopular war.

It is noticed there by a villager that the Murderer US Troops was not one or two but they are more than two. The villager said that the US troops opened up direct fire on sleeping Afghans and killed them all with their childrens with them including young boys and girls. After killing them they took some blankets wrapped the bodies of killed peoples and set those on fire.

While the childrens earlier was shot in their heads by US Troops as among them young girl in a green and red dress identified who had been shot in the forehead found her body burnt after killing her by the killers appears to be burnt intentionally also.

Younus Habib Rejected Allegation That MQM was Given Money

In an interview, the central character of Asghar Khan Case revealed that he gave money to Nawaz Sharif directly at his residence. He said that he was informed that MQM's Altaf Hussain was not given money, infact money was offered to Altaf Hussain but MQM founder rejected the offer to accept money.

He also said that Shahbaz Sharif was given money through Telegraphic Transfer. While Rs 5 Million (50 Lacs) was also paid to Haqiqi Chairmen Afaq Ahmed in Karachi.

He further revealed in the last that Rs 50 Million was also paid to Pakistan Peoples Party PPP members in 1993.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Remembering Shayar-e-Awaam, Shayar-e-Pakistan, Shayar-e-Inquilab - Revolutionary Poet | Habib Jalib

Habib Jalib (Urdu: حبیب جالب) was a Pakistani revolutionary poet. A left-wing activist and politician, he was a staunch democrat who opposed martial law, authoritarianism and state oppression.

Early life

Habib Jalib was born on March 24, 1928 as Habib Ahmad [1] in a village near Hoshiarpur, British India. He migrated to Pakistan after partition and worked as a proofreader in Daily Imroze, Karachi. He was a progressive writer and soon started to grab the audience with his enthusiastic recitation of poetry. He wrote in plain language, adopted a simple style and addressed common people and issues. But the conviction behind his words, the music of his voice and his emotional energy coupled with the sensitivity of the socio-political context is what stirred the audience

Political views

He was a Marxist-Leninist and aspired to the ideals of Communism. He was a member of the Communist Party of Pakistan; later when the Communist Party was banned and started working under the banner of National Awami Party (NAP), Jalib joined the NAP. Due to his blunt expression of his beliefs, he suffered hard time all his life and spent most of time in Jails.

Ayub Khan's martial law
Habib Jalib was first imprisoned during the martial law regime of Ayub Khan due to his defiant views on Ayub Khan's capitalistic policies. He wrote his legendary poem "Dastoor" during those days.
Criticizing those who supported Ayub Khan's regime, he wrote:

کہیں گیس کا دھواں ہے
کہیں گولیوں کی بارش ہے
شب عہد کم نگاہی
تجھے کس طرح سراہیں

Kahin gas ka dhuan hae
kahin golion ki baarish
Shab-e-ehd-e-kum nigahi
tujhay kis tarah sarahein
There is smoke of teargas in the air
and the bullets are raining all around
How can I praise thee
the night of the period of shortsightedness

A humble man with limited means of livelihood, Jalib could never reconcile with the dictatorship of Ayub Khan. So when Ayub enforced his tailor-made constitution in the country in 1962, which a former prime minister Chaudhry Muhammad Ali likened to the Clock Tower of Lyallpur, Jalib wrote the following poem:

دیپ جس کا محلات ہی میں جلے
چند لوگوں کی خوشیوں کو لے کر چلے
وہ جو سایےمیں ہر مصلحت کے پلے
ایسے دستور کو، صبح بےنور کو
،میں نہیں مانتا،میں نہیں مانتا

Whose light shines only in palaces
And carries the joys of only a few people
That derives its strength from others' weaknesses
That system, like a dawn without light
I refuse to acknowledge, I refuse to accept

Due to his daring revolt against the order of the day, Jalib was banned from official media but he remained undeterred. He rather started a tirade against the tyranny with more resolution. It reached its zenith when Fatima Jinnah decided to contest elections against Ayub Khan. All democratic forces rallied around her and at her election meetings, Jalib used to recite his fiery poems in front of an emotionally-charged crowd. His most popular poem at that time was:

ماں کے پائوں تلے جنت ہے ادھر آجائو
Maan kay paon talay jannat hai idhar aa jao
The paradise is under the feet of the mother. So come into her fold.

In another incident which has become a part of the resistance folklore of the country, the Governor of West Pakistan, the Nawab of Kalabagh, invited filmstar Neelo to dance in front of a foreign dignitary (Be bold and read here Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran!). As she refused, the police was sent to bring her, which led to a suicide attempt on her part. This incident inspired a poem by Jalib, which was later included by Neelo's husband Riaz Shahid in the film Zarqa. The song was:

تو کہ ناواقفِ ادبِ غلامی ہے ابھی
رقص زنجیر پہن کر بھی کیا جاتا ہے

Tu kay nawaqif-e-aadab-e-ghulami hae abhi
Raqs zanjeer pehan kar bhi kiya jata hai.
You are not aware of the protocol of a king's court. Sometimes one has to dance (before them) with the fetters on.

Bhutto's government

In 1972 when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came to power, many of his colleagues were able to hit fortunes. He, on the other hand, kept his integrity and stuck to ideology. According to sources close to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, one day Habib Jalib went to Bhutto's place to meet him. Bhutto on seeing him said that when are you going to come (referring to joining his political Party) Jalib said, "Have the oceans ever fallen in rivers".
[edit]Zia-ul-Haq's martial law
During General Zia-ul-Haq's dictatorship, Jalib joined movement for democracy. He wrote the famous poem on Zia, where he asked how he could write darkness as Zia ( Zia literally means light in Urdu).

ظلمت کو ضیا، صر صر کو صبا، بندے کو خدا کیا لکھنا
Darkness as light, Hot desert wind as a morning breeze
How can I write a human as God?

Benazir Bhutto's government
In 1988, General Zia-ul-Haq died in air crash and general elections were held. Benazir Bhutto came into power and released Habib Jalib. Fortunes were distributed to those who supported the government rather than those who supported democracy. Disappointed at the state of the nation, when asked if he felt any change after democracy, he said:

حال اب تک وہی ہیں غریبوں کے
دن پھرے ہیں فقت وزیروں کے
ہر بلاول ہے دیس کا مقروض
پائوں ننگے ہیں بے نظیروں کے

Haal ab tak wahi hain ghareeboan kay
Din phiray hain faqat waziroan kay
her Bilawal hai Dais ka maqrooz
paoon nangay hain Benazeeroan kay

The status of the poor is still the same
the days of the ministers have indeed changed
every Bilawal (name of the only son of Benazir Bhutto) of the country is under debt
while Benazirs (literally the poor) of the country walk without shoes


Habib Jalib died on March 12, 1993.
His family refused the offer of the then government to pay for his funeral expenses. Qateel Shifai expressed his sorrow and grief in these words:

اپنے سارے درد بھلا کر اوروں کے دکھ سہتا تھا
ہم جب غزلیں کہتے تھے وہ اکثر جیل میں رہتا تھا
آخر چلا ہی گیا وہ روٹھ کر ہم فرزانوں سے
وہ دیوانہ جس کو زمانہ جالب جالب کہتا تھا

Apney saarey dard bhula kar auron ke dukh sehta tha
Hum jub ghazlain kehtey thay wo aksar jail main rehta tha
Aakhir kaar chala hee gya wo rooth kar hum farzanoun se
Wo deewana jisko zamana Jalib Jalib kehta tha


Jalib’s poetry reflected his vision and approach to life. He never deviated from his chosen path. His love for humankind, his sympathy for the underdog and his passion for the fellow-beings were reflected in his verses. What is quite significant and somewhat rare in a poet who is also charged with political ideology is his capacity to suppress his anger against the injustices and tyrannies that he witnesses in life.
Jalib himself remained a victim of a cruel social order. He was imprisoned for some time after being wrongly implicated in various crimes.
With no regular source of income, he had a rootless existence, but he never considered compromising with his tormentors and coming to terms with established order. And yet Jalib’s poetry only reflects his anguish. It is not an expression of his anger or frustration. At times it is pensive, couched in sarcasm, but his typical soft melodious tone is always there. He believed that the Pakistani leaders should stop obeying the Westerners. His following poem reflects this.

فرنگی کا جو میں دربان ہوتا
تو جینا کس قدر آسان ہوتا
میرے بچے بھی امریکہ میں پڑھتے
میں ہر گرمی میں انگلستان ہوتا
مری انگلش بھی بلا کی چست ہوتی
بلا سے جو نہ میں اردو دان ہوتا
سر جھکاکے جو ہو جاتا 'سر' میں
تو لیڈر بھی عظیم الشان ہوتا
زمینیں میری ہر صوبے میں ہوتیں
میں واللہ صدرِ پاکستان ہوتا

Farangi ka jo main darbaan hota
Tho jeena kis kadar aasaan hota
Meray bachay bhi amreeka may parthay
Main Har garmi may main Inglistaan hota
Meree English bhi balaa ki chusth hotee
Balaa say jo na main Urdu-daan hota
Sar jhuka kay jo ho jaata sir main
Tho leader bhi azeem-u-shaan hota
Zameenain meree har soobay may hoteen
May wallah sadr-e-Pakistan hota

Recent tributes

Until the end of his life in 1993, Jalib remained a member of the Communist Party of Pakistan. In 1994, the Communist Party of Pakistan merged with the Mazdoor Kissan Party to form the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party.

Two members of the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party — Shahram Azhar and Taimur Rahman — launched a music video reciting Jalib's famous poem "Musheer Se" under the band title Laal, symbolizing Jalib's struggle for the workers and peasants.

Laal band remastered and remixed the revolutionary poem "Dastoor" in Habib Jalib's voice and included it in their 2009 album Umeed-e-Sahar.

On 23 March 2009, President of Pakistan has given the highest civil award (posthumously) to the legendary poet, which was received by his daughter.

Solo artist Umair Salim composed his poem "Dastoor" in a musical track to tribute the poet on his death anniversary in 2009, followed by a music video portraying Habib Jalib's life.

But as nation remembers this great poet, Media channels have aired a story that Habib Jalib’s life partner is fighting with illness and she is deprived of the money President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister have announced for her.

Tribute To Habib Jablib By Communist Band of Pakistan "Laal" Using Habib Jalib's Creation

Main Nahin Manta (Dastoor) By Habib Jalib

Maine Uss Se Yeh Kaha By Habib Jalib

Korea's New Generation KDX-III Class/Sejong the Great Class Destroyers

The Sejong the Great Class (Sejongdaewang Class) guided missile destroyers are being developed under the Korean Destroyer eXperimental (KDX) programme of the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN).
"Sejong the Great Class destroyers are equipped with a combined gas turbine (COGAG) propulsion system."
Three units are being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. The destroyer class is also referred to as KDX-III
The lead ship in its class, Sejong the Great (DDG 991), was launched in May 2007. The destroyer was commissioned in December 2008. The second destroyer, Yulgok Yi I (DDG 992), was launched in November 2008 and delivered in September 2010.
The vessel entered service with the ROKN in June 2011. The third destroyer, Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong (DDG 993), was launched in March 2011. It is scheduled for commission in 2012.
KDX-III design

Apart from the longer hull, the overall design of KDX-III is identical to that of the Arleigh Burke Class destroyer. The KDX-III destroyers are the largest surface warships to carry the Aegis weapon system.
The destroyer has an overall length of 165m, beam of 21m and draft of 6m. The standard displacement of the ship is 7,700t and full load displacement is 10,000t.
The vessel can accommodate more than 300 crew members.
Sejong the Great missions

Sejong the Great Class destroyers are deployed in conventional naval warfare, anti-submarine warfare and anti-air warfare operations.
The destroyer conducts accurate strikes on the main enemy targets, and can protect mobile and convoy fleets from enemy aircraft and guided missiles.
It also supports the MASOC (Maritime Air Support Operation Centre) which controls all tactical aircraft operating on the sea.
The KDX-III destroyers allow the ROKN to protect Korean waters from air, surface, and subsurface threats.
Command and control

KDX-III destroyers are equipped with the Aegis combat system developed by Lockheed Martin. The Aegis system consists of SPY-1 radar and other components including SPY-1D (V) transmitter and MK 99 fire control system.
The radar acquires and tracks multiple targets such as aircraft and missiles.
This system, integrated with the MK 41 vertical launching system, delivers missiles against multiple threats in different attack scenarios. It can be used as an integrated single ship system and in a ship-to-ship network.
In July 2010, the Sejong the Great (DDG 991) successfully completed the combat system ship qualification trials (CSSQT) at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, off the Hawaiian island of Kauai.
Sejong the Great weapons

The Sejong the Great Class is armed with 16 SSM-700K Hae Sung long-range anti-ship missiles and 32 Hyunmoo III land attack missiles.
Two MK 41 vertical launch systems (VLS), one with 48 cells and another with 32 cells, are fitted forward and aft of the vessel for SM-2 Block IIIB missiles.
The ship point-defence is provided by a single 30mm Goalkeeper close-in weapon system (CIWS) and a RIM-116 rolling airframe missile (RAM) block 1 21-round launcher.
The main gun fitted forward is a 127mm L62 Mk-45 Mod 4 naval gun. The gun can fire at a rate of 16 to 20 rounds a minute for a range of 24km.
The anti-submarine weaponry includes K-ASROC Hong Sahng-uh (Red Shark) anti-submarine rockets (ASROC) and K745 LW Cheong Sahng-uh (Blue Shark) torpedoes.
A total of 16 rockets are fired from the launcher fitted on the aft.
The ASW control software is supplied by Kongsberg Maritime.
Sensors / radars

The AN/SPY-1D multifunction radar and four antenna arrays are housed in a single deck house. The ship is also equipped with AN/SPG-62 I/J band fire control radar, Atlas Elektronik bow-mounted DSQS-21 BZ-M sonar and MTeQ towed array sonar system.
Helicopter system

The KDX-III destroyers have a stern helicopter deck to support the operations of two Westland Lynx Mk 99 ASW helicopters. Hangar facilities are provided for the helicopters.

Sejong the Great Class destroyers are equipped with a combined gas turbine (COGAG) propulsion system.
"The lead ship in its class, Sejong the Great (DDG 991), was launched in May 2007."
Four General Electric LM2500 gas turbines driving the two shafts provide a total power output of 75MW.
The ship systems are powered by three Rolls-Royce AG9140RF gas turbine generator sets. The propulsion system provides a top speed of 30kt and a maximum range of 5,500nm at 20kt.

Younus Habib Big Revelations Regarding Mehrangate Scandal

KARACHI: In an startling revelation, former Mehran Bank chief Younis Habib Saturday claimed that he delivered money by his hand to Pakistan Muslim League Chief Nawaz Sharif at his home.

Younis Habib said Rs2.5 million were also sent to Shahbaz Sharif through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) on September 27, 1993, said in an interview to Hamid Mir.

Habib further revealed that Aftab Sherpao was given a bigger amount so that he brings sizeable deposits to Mehran Bank.

He said in order to make up for mistakes committed in 1990, he extended support in 1993 to Pakistan People's Party and it came to power again that year.

The man on wheelchair said in 1993 he once again used money and weakened Nawaz Sharif's vote position by pitting Maulvis against him.

He said the money paid to the politicians was nothing less than a bribe (Rishwat), admitting that taking or giving bribe was a sin. "Bribe leaves no trace behind," he added.

Younis Habib said in 1990, he was pressurized to arrange money 'by hook or by crook' to be disbursed among politicians. He said it was not possible to arrange that kind of money in a legal way so he had to commit manipulation.

He was assured that ways would be discovered to get the money returned to the bank in future.

Younis Habib warned bankers to always keep a distance from 'army, a politician and a bureaucrat'.

Celebration All Over The Country ''Triumph of Truth''

Onceagain MQM Stance is proved itself right regarding the Mehrangate scandal that MQM was not involved in it. In sake of this, Celebrations occured all over the country.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Colonel (Rd) Akbar Has Exposed The Elements Making Baseless Allegations Against Altaf Hussain

The Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has said that the definite statement by colonel (retired) Akbar of the ISI is the truth that has exposed before the nation the highly prejudiced elements hurling unfounded and shameful allegations of taking money against Mr Altaf Hussain.

The Co-ordination Committee said that Mr Hussain and the entire leadership of the MQM had been saying constantly for the past 21 years before the media and at every other forum that Mr Hussain had not taken money from any government agency. It was highly unfortunate that the elements blindfolded by their enmity against the MQM persisted in making baseless allegations against Mr Hussain that he had taken money from the ISI in order to mislead public.

The Co-ordination Committee said that the allegation was made once again today, but colonel (retired) Akbar of the ISI had made it crystal clear in a TV interview that Brigadier Hamid had tried his best to give money to Mr Hussain in his presence which he vehemently refused despite the insistence from Brigadier Hamid.

Let the curse of Allah overtake those who spread falsehood. People falsely accusing Mr Hussain should seek forgiveness from Allah and the nation after the statement from colonel (retired) Akbar.
The Co-ordination Committee thanked colonel (retired) Akbar for bringing the reality before the nation.
Allah bestows honour on whomsoever He wills and brings disgrace to whomsoever He wills. The truth has come, and falsehood is bound to perish. The Co-ordination Committee said that the allegations of the elements hating notwithstanding, Allah is the Best Dispenser of Justice.

Founder MQM Did Not Accept a Single Penny from Any Agency or Thier Proxies



The spokesman of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has stated unequivocally and in no uncertain terms, that Mr Altaf Hussain had never taken a single penny from the ISI, any other government agency or any other individual and there was no truth in the allegations levelled against him by certain people.

The spokesman declared it was a fact that the government agencies had made numerous attempts to buy off Mr Hussain. In 1988 Brigadier Imtiaz of the ISI had brought money to Mr Hussain from General Hamid Gul but Mr Hussain had refused to take it. This was acknowledged by Brigadier Imtiaz sometimes ago on the media.

Likewise, in 1990 Brigadier Hamid had brought money to Mr Hussain from General Mirza Aslam Beg but Mr Hussain had refused to accept that as well. The affidavit submitted by the then head of the ISI General Assad Durrani in the Supreme Court, containing the list of the politicians who had accepted money from the ISI, is testimony to the fact that Mr Hussain did not accept the money as his name is not in the list. The sworn statement of General Assad Durrani was a part of the record of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The spokesman said that the allegations against Mr Hussain from the former head of the Mehran Bank of accepting money through one Yousuf Advocate was an utter lie, and the MQM condemns it in the strongest possible terms.

The spokesman said that the only crime of Mr Hussain was that he had spurned all attempts by the government agencies and their proxies to buy off his conscience. It was because of that refusal to sell off his conscience that unfounded allegations were levelled against him in the past in order to smear his image in public. Attempts were being made to mislead the public by making fabricated and baseless allegations against Mr Hussain.

The spokesman said that the leadership of the MQM was clean having a clear conscience and ready to defend the allegations at every forum.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Muttahida Ko Mubarak Ho!

Muttahida Ko Mubarak Ho! (Choraha By Hasan Nisar)

Pakistan Tests Fired Nuclear Capable SRBM

Islamabad, March 5, IRNA -- Pakistan successfully test fired a nuclear-capable, short-range, surface-to-surface ballistic missile on Monday, the military said.

The Hatf-2 ballistic missile can travel up to 180 km, an army statement said.

“Hatf-2 carries nuclear as well as conventional warheads with high accuracy,” the statement from the Inter-Service Public Relations said.

The test is part of the process of validation of land based ballistic missile system, it said.

“The test provides an operational level capability to Pakistan’s strategic forces, additional to the strategic and technical level capability with Pakistan already posses,” the military said.

Test was witnessed by director general Strategic Planning Division, Lt. Gen. (retd) Khalid Kidwai and Commander of Strategic Force Command Lt Gen Tariq Nadeem Gilani.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani congratulated the army and its engineers and all team involved in the missile system on the successful test of the ballistic missile.

The statement did not identify site of the test.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

India Test Fired Brahmos Cruise Missile

The Army on Sunday successfully test fired the 290-km range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile at the Pokharan range here to operationalise the second regiment of the weapon system in service.

“In conformity and pursuit of operational and strategic surface to surface missile capability development, the second BrahMos unit of Indian Army has been operationalised. The Indian Army unit successfully launched BrahMos missile and destroyed the preselected target in the field firing ranges in Rajasthan,” an Army spokesperson said here.

The test was witnessed by senior Army officials including Vice Chief Lt. Gen. Shri Krishna Singh and Director General Military Operations (DGMO) Lt. Gen. A.K. Chaudhary.

The Army has so far placed orders for three regiments of the supersonic cruise missile and with Sunday’s test firing; two of them have been inducted operationally.

The Defence Ministry has also given a go ahead to the Army to induct a third regiment for being deployed in Arunachal Pradesh along the China border.

One regiment of the 290-km range BrahMos consists around 65 missiles, five mobile autonomous launchers on Tatra vehicles and two mobile command posts, among other equipment.

BrahMos Aerospace, an Indo-Russian Joint venture company headed by A. Sivathanu Pillai, is also working to develop the submarine launched, air launched and a hyper-sonic version of the missile in the near future.

It has already been inducted into the Navy and is deployed on almost all the front line surface warships of the maritime force.

Monday, March 5, 2012

OBL was’nt dumped at sea…..?

Osama bin laden was’nt dumped at sea…..?

Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden, who was killed on the morning of May 02 last year in US Special Forces operation in Abbottabad, was not buried at sea but his body was shifted to the military mortuary in Dover.

According to leaked secret files of Statfor, a US security agency, Osama was not buried at sea in an Islamic ceremony but his body was shifted to the military mortuary in Dover, DE, on a CIA plane.

Than it was shifted to the medical institute of US armed forces in Maryland for examination and report.