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Our Generations’ Survival Depends Upon Quality Education: We Cannot Close Our Eyes

The Karachi is descending towards irreversible anarchy and its social fabric is deliberately made to rupture. There are multiple reasons for this anarchy but complete failed status of education and institutions is imparting quality education is point of concern. The low quality education system is severely damaging the intellectual rigor and sending a wave of demoralization in the youth of Karachi on large scale.

Mr. Obama said in his speech that the more educated will be the American youth the more prosper will be the state.

In Sind in general and in Karachi in special the education system not only on Govt. school and college level but also in private sector is completely sub standard. Private schools are only concerned with the increase in their revenue by periodic changes in their fee without increasing the salary and environment in same proportion. Most of these schools appoint low quality teachers specially females who accept all sorts of policies which are only favorable for owners. The low quality untrained teachers completely destroy the growth process of young mind and logic and reasoning are murdered by the cramming in almost all schools. The students are forced to copy material from sub-standard books or high standard books which are even not familiar to their low quality teachers. Then they are forced to cram it and regurgitate in exam hall. Parents are least bothered to ask questions on their high claim on conducive environment and trained teachers. The writer has worked for many years in the most reputed institutions where he has seen little struggle but unfruitful.

The most ineffective department in Sind is education department which either do not have muscle or will to take any appropriate measures in this regard. Private Schools are more powerful lobby then ineffective and impotent education department of Sind. The only reason of most of the problem of Sind and Karachi is non-resident officers who work on fake domicile in Sind or elite class officer who have dam care for this education system. For them they are doing service to their fellow members of same elite family by not acting in positive direction. The less they will take measures the more people will remain poorly educated or uneducated who will never compete with them for jobs of higher cadre. This situation is serving best to the elite class who are getting educated from schools of high standard and this education system is increasing the loss of middle class for which MQM is striving to make change in Pakistan.

The wadera and sarmaidar is getting high quality of education while the children of middle class have no other opportunity to get better education. The system is there, teachers are there, infrastructure is there in Karachi but lack of will has thrown the entire education system in to failure or least productive in term of intellectual rigor and reasoning. The poorly educated youth of middle class is unable to compete with the elite class students for jobs available on merit or quota. As a result elite class is getting almost all jobs and middle class is out of the consideration. In Karachi there is other problem of very high level of migration. The students of migrants are better educated in their school in KPK and Punjab and specially Gilgit are completing their intermediate from Karachi and rest of the tertiary education. These boys are better equipped with skills and thus after education they are taking all jobs of quota on merit. Last year out of 22 positions of Lecturers in Chemistry from Karachi 16 were grabbed either from boys of Punjab or KPK only 6 were permanent residents as Karachi-ites. Two years before the merit scholarship of HEC out of 800 only 60 or 70 were awarded to Sind students on merit rest were from KPK or Punjab out of 60 only 10 or less were for pure Karachi-ites. The increase in migrant influx has totally destroyed the quota system and no change in the allocation of quota on the basis of population has been made. For 3 crore urbanites in Sind there is 40% quota while rest of 2crore rural Sind there is 60% this is demoralizing for voters of MQM.

We are needed to struggle to improve the quality of education system in Karachi and should take concerted effort on large scale to monitor the private sector schools for their output. Our generation’s survival depends upon quality of education therefore we cannot close our eyes.

Published Here On Writers Request
Written By : S.Junaid Ali | Authorised Content

Responsible Factors Behind Low Rate of Nursing Professionals Enrollment and Availability In Urban Centres of Sindh

As Karachi-ites what ever language we speak or what ever sect we preach we must understand the potential present in the health sector. We must pay attention towards the field of Male and female health Nursing system. Health University is producing a large number of Female and Male Health Nurse with best skill provided to them. As a result the non-permanent students in this field are easily got adjusted in this field. If you will visit these facilities and observe the enrollment you will be surprised that Karachi-ites take these field as shameful activity and therefore parents do not like to send their daughters to study in this field. This approach is decreasing the number of jobs available for permanent residents of Karachi. As Karach-ites we need to search for new fields and pay attention towards already available fields which had been neglected in Past. We should also pay attention to create more conducive and respectable environment in health sector. Our doctors must pay respect to those who dare to study in this field from Karachi and then take pain to work in this field.

I remember those days in Karachi University in 90s and my seniors tell the bitter stories of 80s in which our sisters were not feeling comfortable in KU due to open threatening and dishonoring behaviour of students wing Representing different ethnic groups and so called Islamist Wing. Then some APMSO started playing its role and created an environment of freedom and respect for all female students. And now number of female students in KU are more than male students. They study here and get market oriented education and many of them are contributing in betterment of our society.

Studying Nursing by Karachi-ites is taboo it must be broken by our concerted effort. We all respect females in our home. they are treated with respect in our home as mother and sisters, we even respect our wives and family of others. We must take charge of this sector and check those single events which have shocking impact on the honour of our female companions which force them to avoid this field.

This right time because the job market and chances of getting better job for our female and less educated but skilled and willing male workers are shrinking and non-permanent residents are totally capturing this growing field.

Sooner we act better it would be for prosperity of our generations.

Published Here On Writers Request | Authorized Content
Written By : S.Junaid Ali

A Charismatic Leader: Altaf Hussain

Charismatic leader is a person who has a vision (expressed as a idealized goal) that proposes a future better than the status quo, and is able to clarify the importance of the vision in terms that are understandable to others, is willing to take-on high personal risk incurring high costs and engages in self sacrifice to achieve the visions, has sensitivity to follower needs and respects others’ abilities and responsive to their needs and feelings, engages in behavior that is perceived as novel and counter to norms and has inspiring force. A charismatic leader is perceived as agents of fundamental change rather than as caretakers of the status quo.

Open a page of any newspaper online and start reading comments you will be surprised that moderators of these pages allow even those comments which will be forbidden for even an ordinary Politian but for Altaf Hussain comments of all types even unethical are accepted. As neutral observer I am unable to understand why no laws of ethics are followed when Altaf Hussain and his party is being discussed in their absentia in prime time shows in print media. I have decided to find out why propaganda is being made against him for this I have made a research and written this article on the basis of my findings.

Life of Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain was born on 17 September 1953 in Karachi. Altaf Husain’s grand-father, Mufti Mohammad Ramazan (Grand Mufti of the town of Agra, UP, India) and his maternal grandfather (Haji Hafiz Raheem Bhux) were reputed religious scholar in India. Nazir Hussain and Khursheed Begum, his parents’ belonged to same religious families migrated from Agra, India to Pakistan in 1947 and settled in Karachi.


(Charismatic leader is a person who is educated and has a rich experience to nurture a vision that proposes better for his follower and society)

Altaf Hussain got his early education from Govt. Comprehensive School, Azizabad No. 8 Karachi and his matriculation in 1969 from Government Boys Secondary School. He completed his intermediate from City College Karachi and B.Sc from Islamia College. In 1974 after completion of his Bachelor of Pharmacy he enrolled for his Master’s degree, but could not complete his studies because the terrorists of Thunder Squad from IJT did not allow him to attend university.

Early career

(Charismatic leader is a person who knows about the pain of common people who struggles for earning bread and butter for their love one.

Altaf Hussain began his career as a trainee at Karachi’s Seventh Day Advent Hospital. At the same time, he also worked for a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Between 1970 and 1971, due to childhood love with Army Altaf Hussain joined the National Service Cadet Scheme. Soon afterwards, during 1971 war all cadets were converted into the Baloch Regiment of Pakistan Army. The discriminatory experience badly hurt his feeling, after completion of training the cadets of NCC were released from the Regiment.

Contribution and sacrifices of Family members and his beloved mother

(A charisma is instilled in child by mother starting from cradle to youth)

Altaf Husain’s mother always advised him to be careful but did not ask him to stop his struggle which was at time fruitless and cause of problem for his family members. Though she was a lady with multiple health problems but she kept waiting for his return to home and always served him meals irrespective of what time of night it was. His mother’s determination can be gauged with only one example out of many in which, in 1978 government official through students advisor of KU and a few teachers contacted his mother to write an apology letter on behalf of Altaf Hussain, to ensure his release before Eid-Ul-Fiter, but she refused and fully supported her son’s resolve.

Political involvement

(Charismatic leader is a person who has a vision (expressed as an idealized goal) that proposes a future better than the status quo, and is able to clarify the importance of the vision in terms that are understandable to others)

Ideology and philosophy

At the age of 34 he gave the ideology of Practicalism and Realism. Altaf Hussain has made efforts to re-brand MQM as a national party. Today, it is the Pakistani parliament’s fourth-largest party with 25 lawmakers in the 342-seat National Assembly. Outside Pakistan after September 11th, 2001, the MQM has consistently presented itself liberal and enlightened & moderate. The effort abroad has captured the leap to legitimacy of a party once hounded by state security forces a mere eighteen years ago.

Altaf Hussain served as General Secretary and later as President of the National Student’s Action Committee at Karachi University on the discrimination meted out to all B.SC pass students for admission in B. Pharmacy. He was active member of PNA, and he was nominated as Chairman Action committee of FB Area. When the Prime Minister Bhutto was judicially murdered, Altaf Hussain observed that leaders of PNA forgot their purposes and most of them got their share as member’s martial law cabinet of Zia. He felt bad that the highest sacrifices were given by Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkar but PNA leaders forgot about the problems of these cities.

On 11 June 1978 Altaf Hussain established APMSO to provide relief to Muhajir Students. APMSO members and office bearers were ridiculed, harassed, and female members were even molested by followers of IJT. When APMSO won one seat in students’ election Thunder squad of IJT attacked on APMSO supporters and Altaf Hussain. The IJT followers even attempted to kill many of them including Altaf Hussain on admission stalls. Salute to female workers of APMSO who encircled and escorted Altaf Hussain and saved him from severe fatal injuries. Altaf Hussain called a meeting of office bearers and there he announced that he is winding up the students wing for the safety of members. During meeting few members started hitting their heads with the wall. The blood spread all over meeting room which compelled, Altaf Hussain to continue this struggle with new strategy. This strategy proved to be a deciding move for the APMSO members who began to mobilize the muhajir youth outside the educational institutions, gradually turning the initiative into a popular movement with a strong base in muhajir neighborhoods. The situation gave birth to the Muhajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) on 18 March 1984, which afterward transformed into Muttahida Qaumi Movement on 26 June 1997.

Arrests, imprisonments and brutal torture:

(Charismatic leader is a person is willing to take-on high personal risk incurring high costs and engages in self sacrifice to achieve the visions)

During his political struggle, Altaf Hussain was arrested and imprisoned thrice.

First arrest

He was first arrested on 14 August, 1979 when he was attending a peaceful demonstration at Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi for the return of Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh and severely tortured during arrest. On 2 October 1979, he was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment and flogging five times. He was offered several deals by the then government officials but he refused any deal.

Second arrest

Altaf Hussain was arrested the second time when he was returning after his historic address at Pakka Qila, Hyderabad on 31 October 1986 and was implicated in several criminal cases. His arrest enraged the people of Sindh, especially Karachi and they launched public protest in large scale for his freedom. Due to great public pressure, Altaf Hussain and his companions were released from Central Prison Karachi on 24 February 1987 and all the charges placed on him were unconditionally withdrawn.

Third arrest

Altaf Hussain submitted himself to the law enforcement agencies on 30 August 1987 on the condition that the arrests of his party’s workers should be stopped. During his imprisonment, MQM achieved great results in the Local Bodies election of 1987. Once again, government faced widespread movements by the people for the freedom of Altaf Hussain. On 7 January 1988, Altaf Hussain was released from jail.

conspiracy to destroy the image of mqm

A few persons from establishment and waderas and jagirdars did not like the popularity of MQM and thus on their advice few members from ISI and other agencies over-utilized their authority. They infiltrated criminals in MQM and started media campaign against MQM. Altaf Hussain complained to President of Pakistan Mr. Ghulam Ishaq Khan about the activity of those criminals from the platform of his party which Ghulam Ishaq Khan ignored.

State sponsored operation

On 19 June 1992 the Army started brutal operation in which thousands of MQM workers and supporters were killed and many of them disappeared. Altaf Hussain left Pakistan only a few months before this operation on request of his followers and members MQM to keep himself alive for the cause of MQM, which he followed reluctantly.

Killing of brother and nephew

During October 1993 to November 1996, a large number of MQM’s workers and sympathizers were killed extra- judicially. Among them, Altaf Hessian’s 66 years old elder brother Nasir Hussain and 28 years old nephew Arif Hussain were arrested by the law enforcement agents on 5 December 1995 and were kept in torture cell where they were brutally tortured for 4 days and then killed on 9 of December 1995.

Working for explanation of theory of Nation and Nationality

Altaf Hussain has explained the difference between nation and nationality. He is still trying to make the establishment realize not to repeat the same mistake of pushing a nationality to convert into a nation. As a result the community does not accept the boundary of the country and starts struggle for a separate boundary. He gives examples of Bengalis who became a nation after failing in their all attempt to change the attitude of sharing resources un-equally and un-judiciously. According to his theory he is afraid that Balochs are growing alienated from state injustice against them and their youth are working and being supported in different parts of the world to convert into a nation from Baloch nationality, it means breaking away from Pakistan.

Respect and trust enjoyed from followers:

(Charismatic leader is a person who engages in behavior as novel and counters to norms and has inspiring force)

Altaf Hussain is the only leader whose thousands of workers have set up undying examples for the coming generations by sacrificing their lives for the righteous struggle. They gave their lives but did not bow down before the forces of evil. The courage and staunch determination of such faithful and fearless workers is worthy of high praise. The worker and their heirs still love Altaf Hussain ignoring and rejecting the worst propaganda against him.

Core value of respect and care for the workers and their family:

(Charismatic leader is a person who has sensitivity to follower needs and respects others’ abilities and responsive to their needs)

Altaf Hussain did not let the supreme sacrifices made by his party workers go to waste. Altaf Hussain has sanctioned method and welfare process to take care of the well-being of the workers who have been murdered or disabled after torture by few individuals in police, and intelligence agencies etc

Fighting against the conspiracy of isolation, criminalization, and demoralization:

Altaf Hussain has worked tirelessly to fight with the conspiracy of keeping him and his followers in isolation and criminalization by infiltrating criminals and frustrating his all effort to make any sustainable change in the condition of his followers to demoralize them.

No personal ambition for being President, prime minster or any powerful position:

Altaf Hussain is the only leader who has never shown any interest for his personal gain. He has never nominated himself for any position in running affairs of state as prime minister or president and has announced he won’t do so ever.

Positivity and loyalty

Altaf Hussain, even after the killings of thousands of his workers and supporters, has never preached negative feeling against state and its organ and never injected the blood of hate and revenge in them. Altaf Hussain is the only leader who is instilling love and respect for Pakistan in his followers even after such brutal state sponsored operation and other biased treatment to his followers.

Philosophy of welfare by politics

Altaf Hussain is the only leader who has changed the meaning of politics. All political parties’ claim that if power is given to them they will serve the nation after that but Altaf Hussain is the only leader who started welfare organization first and then launched a political party next.

A disciplined man teaching discipline and ethics in politics

Altaf Hussain’s stances are based on reasons and logic and framed within the boundary of ethics. His followers are most disciplined political workers. He set a new trend which should be investigated how a political leaders inspires his followers without racial incite and religious sermons and without any unachievable promises.

farsightedness of Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain success lies in is analytical skill by which he reads what others fail to even sense unless they are trapped. His prediction about Talibnization of Karachi and Peoples Amman Committees’ as misguided missile was ridiculed at initial level. ANP and PPP tried to ridicule on this but they realized it when they were trapped in it. When ANP workers were killed in their own dominated areas by Taliban and PPP became alert when PAC removed all its banners and flags from Lyari and openly threatened to wipe out PPP support from lyari and PAC became the sole source of Bhatta and biggest organized criminal group in recent history of Pakistan. What he predicates is initially rejcted an dridiculed but time proves him right, his ability to inform and warn his workers and supporters from enveloping threats in future increases his popularity and love and respect for him.

Principled Unchanged positions

Altaf Hussain believes on equal rights and opportunities for all irrespective of color, creed, cast, sect, gender, ethnicity or religion. He strives tirelessly for tolerance, religious or otherwise and opposes fanaticism, terrorism and violence in all their manifestations.

His recent stance on the killing of Shia all over Pakistan is really a behavior of a leader who preaches on principled position.

Establishing branches of MQM all over world which has impressive output and acceptance by world:

Altaf Hussain has used his acute political skills to reach out to the Pakistani Diaspora in the United Kingdom (UK) after 1997.

Distance causes no impediments in reaching out to his followers:

Altaf Hussain has not allowed his absence from Pakistan to be a limiting factors, he has devised creative factors to reach out his followers faster than if he would have been physical present here.

On Writers Request Published Here. Written By : S.Junaid Ali | Authorised Content

ANP Chief Threatened To Victimise Industrial Centres If Buses Will Be Burnt!

NEW YORK - President of Awami National Party (ANP), Asfandyar Wali has said that his party would strongly retaliate the efforts for pushing Pakhtuns to wall in Karachi.

Addressing the party conference here on Sunday, Asfandyar Wali noted that Karachi has been divided among Sindhis, Muhajirs, and Pakhtuns. ANP is not maltreating any one in Karachi, he maintained.

Wali said everyone is aware of whose public transport vehicles are burnt in the city, and warned that if buses will be burnt, industrial centres can also be victimised.

President of ANP, Asfandyar Wali said that he was grateful to President Zardari who gave identity to the Pakhtuns by naming their province as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and added that his party would not leave him in the time of difficulty.

He claimed the government would complete its tenure.

The statement given by Ghulam Ahmed Bilour against the makers of blasphemous movie was his personal apprehension, and it did not reflect party-policy.

Feudal Lords Have Hijacked PTI

Rajanpur: Prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Shireen M. Mazari revealed that elite class and feudal lords have hijacked the party, she was addressing to the workers.

Dr Mazari recorded her protest over the shifting off of PTI’s chief Imran Khan visit to Rajanpur. She warned Khan and advised him to change his attitude towards the localities of Ranjanpur. She added more that Rajanpur felt disappointment over the putting off Khan's visit to Rajanpur.

Mazari revealed that feudal lords and elite class have hijacked PTI, further she mentioned that we reject the superiority of feudal lords and elite class in the party.

Imran Khan Approached Zulfiqar Mirza For Support Says Shezreh Mirza

Lahore: Daughter of former Home Minister Sindh Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza, ‘Shezreh Mirza’ has revealed on social media site twitter that Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan phoned her father (Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza) and asked for the support for PTI’s Karachi convention.

Shezreh posted the controversial tweets regarding PTI convention in Karachi. She mentioned Imran Khan’s handle in her tweet and asked Imran Khan to tell his supporters that he asked support from Zulfiqar Mirza for Karachi convention.

Further she clarified that Khan and Mirza both did not meet with each other but on his behalf PTI’s London Coordinator Rabia Zia met Mirza in London and several times Khan phoned to Mirza and asked public support for his convention in Karachi. She added more that Khan asked her father for forty thousands (40K) people in Karachi convention.

After the revelation of this interesting story, she faced abusive response from the PTI cyber team.

Meher Bukhari Exposed By Indian Hackers

Lahore: H2O, an Indian hackers organization has claimed to expose Pakistani TV Anchor/Journalist Mehar Bukhari, they hacked her personal computer through ‘Trojan Attacks’ and leaked her personal photos on the cyber world.

The website of Hindustan Hackers Organization [H2O] posted a blog in which it has been revealed that on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at about 8:30 pm, H20 team hacked the personal computer of Female TV Anchor Mehar Bukhari and stole her personal photos and other important documents.
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Once “Heinous Criminals” Sudden Became Innocent As Mirza Met Zardari

Karachi: Government of Sindh has decided to withdraw all filed cases against the gangsters of banned organization, Peoples Amn Committee (PAC). Sindh government has issued the order of withdrawal of all cases against Uzair Baloch, Zafar Baloch, Taj Mohammad alias Taju, Habib Jaan and others.

According to Police records, gangsters of PAC were involved in the cases of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, kidnapping for ransom, attack on police forces and other critical cases. Cases will be withdrawn in the stages.

Uzair Baloch and 15 other men were named in the First Information Report 77/2012 that was filed at the Napier police station under sections of the Pakistan Penal Code that deal with attempted murder, causing hurt and mischief. Non-bailable warrants for the men were issued by the court on July 31.

Warrants against Uzair Baloch & Co. have been issued ‘five times’, but law and enforcement agencies failed to arrest them. After meeting of President & Co-Chairman of PPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari with Ex-Home Minister Sindh Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza at his resident, suddenly government of Sindh decided to withdraw all cases against high profiled gangsters of Amn Committee.

Nawaz Sharif Was Not In Favor of Nuclear Test

Nawaz Sharif was not in favor of nuclear test blast: AQ Khan

Nuclear technology was transferred to two countries on the orders of Benazir: AQ Khan

Imran still politically immature: AQ Khan

ISLAMABAD: Nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan said that Nawaz Sharif was not in favor of nuclear test blast, while the nuclear technology was passed on to other countries on the directive of Benazir Bhutto. In an exclusive interview to Jang correspondent, Farooq Aqdas, Dr. AQ Kahn said that the nuclear technology transfer process was not such that some one could give it to other country by just hiding it in the pocket, as it was guarded by eight hundred persons. AQ Khan said that then prime minister Benazir Bhutto had called him, gave the name of the two countries to be helped and she had given him a clear directive in this regard. AQ Khan further said that he was not self-governing instead he was bound to abide by the orders of the PM of the country and that explains he had to do it. Regarding his state TV confession of the crime during Musharraf era, he said that by doing so the nuclear program could be saved, he was told. AQ Khan said that Chaudry Shujaat was used by Musharraf for getting a confession from him. Replying to a question, AQ Khan said that he had great expectations from Imran Khan, but he was disappointed after two/four meetings with Imran. “Imran Khan’s political thinking is still immature and those having expectations from him will soon be disappointed”, he added.

Secret Marriage of PML N Leader Hamza Shahbaz Exposed

Son of PML N Leader & Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif 'Hamza Shahbaz' marriage case exposed. Hamza Sharif got married with 'Ayesha Ahad Malik' daughter of Ahad Malik (PML Q Leader). After six months, Humza Shahbaz divorced her and registered false cases against her to dodge. Riffat Ahad revealed that Nawaz family enjoyed marriage with teenage girls after short time left them.On 18 Feb, Police party raided on Ayesha malik House and tried to remove all evidences of this marriage. But fortunately, They saved all documents and earlier send all documents to Islamabad. Humza Sharif promised Ayesha malik that he never left her alone. Case on Ayesha Malik was also fake and fabricated. Afterwards, Nawaz family used power and allied forces to threatened them and lodge another case against them regarding illegal arms. Nawaz family tried hard to hide this case & use all power. Ayesha's brother stated, Nawaz family hatching conspiracies against us to stop us. He further stated: They are in danger, their lives are in danger. He appealed to punjab CJ and CJP to help them in critical situation.
Source : Xreports

Indian Navy Successfully Fired Naval Variant of BrahMos Cruise Missile

he Indian Navy has successfully test-fired a BrahMos supersonic cruise missile launched from a warship off the western Goa coast, India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) reported on Sunday.

The BrahMos missile, a joint development of Russian and Indian specialists, was launched from the guided missile frigate INS Teg built by Russia on order from the Indian Navy.

“The missile hit the designated target at a distance of 290 km,” the DRDO said.

BrahMos Aerospace Ltd, set up in 1998, manufactures supersonic cruise missiles based on the Russian-designed NPO Mashinostroyenie 3M55 Yakhont (SS-N-26).

The BrahMos missile has a range of 290 km (180 miles) and can carry a conventional warhead of up to 300 kg (660 lbs). It can effectively engage targets from an altitude as low as 10 meters (30 feet) and has a top speed of Mach 2.8, which is about three times faster than the U.S.-made subsonic Tomahawk cruise missile.

Sea- and ground-launched versions have been successfully tested and put into service with the Indian Army and Navy.

The flight tests of the airborne version will be completed by the end of 2012.

The Indian Air Force is planning to arm 40 Su-30MKI Flanker-H fighters with BrahMos missiles.

Russia and India have recently agreed to develop hypersonic BrahMos 2 missile capable of flying at speeds of Mach 5-Mach 7.

India Successfully Test Fires Prithvi-II Missile

IRNA -- India on Thursday successfully test-fired its nuclear-capable Prithvi-II ballistic missile with a strike range of 350 km from a test range near Balasore in Odihsa state as part of a user trial by the army.

"The surface-to-surface missile was flight tested from a mobile launcher from Integrated Test Range's launch complex-3 at Chandipur," defence sources said.
>Br> Describing the trial of the indigenously developed strategic missile as "fully successful", ITR Director MVKV Prasad said, "All the mission objectives were accomplished."

The state-of-the-art Prithvi is the first ballistic missile developed under the country's prestigious Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMPD) and has the capability to carry 500 kg of both nuclear and conventional warheads with a strike range of 350 km, sources said.

The missile uses advanced inertial guidance system with manoeuvring trajectory.

The test-fire of the sophisticated short-range ballistic missile, already inducted into the armed forces, was a user trial by the army and monitored by scientists of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The sleek missile is handled by the strategic force command (SFC), a defence scientist said, adding the trial was conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the weapon in a real time situation and improve accuracy.

"The whole exercise was aimed at studying the control and guidance system of the missile besides providing training to the Army," said a DRDO official.

The missile is 9 metre-long and one metre in diameter with liquid propulsion twin engine. A defence scientist associated with the trial said radars and electro-optical systems located along the coast tracked and monitored all the parameters of the missile throughout the flight path.

Prithvi-II has been successfully flight tested several times as part of the training exercise and the last trial was a complete success on August 25, 2012 when it reached the predefined target in the Bay of Bengal with a high accuracy of better than 10 meters, sources said.

Russian Air Force Received First Yak-130 Advanced Combat Jet Trainer

Russia’s Irkut aircraft-manufacturing plant delivered the first six Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten combat trainers to the Russian Air Force on Thursday, a spokesman for the Western Military District said.

“On October 4, the first batch of Yak-130 combat trainers fly from the Irkut plant to the Borisoglebsk airfield [Voronezh region] after an extensive flight testing program,” Col. Andrei Bobrun said.

The Irkut aircraft maker and the Russian Defense Ministry signed in December 2011 a contract for the delivery of 55 Yak-130 jets by 2015.

The Yak-130 is a highly maneuverable subsonic jet with an extended range of about 1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers) and a maximum speed of 600 mp/h (1,060 km/h) in level flight. It can carry a combat payload of up to 6,600 pounds (3,000 kg), consisting of a variety of Russian and Western-developed weapons.

As an advanced jet trainer, Yak-130 is suitable for training or re-training pilots to fly fourth- and fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

It can also carry out a variety of light-attack and reconnaissance missions.

Ahmadinejad Blames West, Opposition For Currency Plunge

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has blamed the West and the opposition for the steep plunge in the value of the country's currency.

The rial has lost some 80 percent of its value since the start of 2012 as Western sanctions imposed against Iran over its controversial nuclear program hit oil exports generating foreign currency.

At a news conference on October 2 in Tehran, Ahmadinejad said that Iran would not give in to international pressure and end its nuclear activities, despite economic problems created by Western sanctions.

He said the sanctions had managed to "diminish a little" oil exports but said the accelerated slide in the rial's value was the result of a "psychological war on the exchange market."

Afghanistan Threatened To Launch Massive Attacks Against Pakistan

Afghan forces say they are ready to retaliate against Pakistan for cross-border shelling along the country's northeastern border. Analysts in both countries are extremely concerned about what the situation means for the future of the region.

Afghanistan Defense Minister General Bismillah Mohammadi said that if diplomacy fails to stop Pakistan’s alleged shelling of Afghan soil, his forces are ready to react accordingly.

“Afghan forces,” he said, “are ready to sacrifice their lives and properties to defend their homeland,” said Mohammadi.

When asked to a Pakistani Brigadier, he replied:
Analyst and retired Brigadier General Mehmood Shah countered that militants attacking and killing Pakistani soldiers and civilians are given a safe haven in Afghanistan. Shah denied accusations of intentional cross-border shelling.

“It is all propaganda,” he said.

American Military Deaths in Afghanistan Reached 2,000

The U.S. military’s death count in the war in Afghanistan has hit 2,000 as a U.S. soldier and a contractor were killed in a checkpoint shooting in eastern Afghanistan, the BBC reported citing U.S. officials.

The shooting, which occurred in the eastern Wardak province on Saturday, also resulted in three Afghan soldiers being killed and several injured.

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) initially said the soldier had probably been killed by the Afghan security services, but it later said the circumstances were vague.

Over 50 foreign soldiers and officers have been killed by Afghan police officers and servicemen in so-called green-on-blue attacks since the start of the year and the international coalition in Afghanistan has lost more than 330 troops killed so far in 2012, according to ISAF information.

The foreign troop contingents are scheduled to withdraw by the end of 2014 and the NATO-led coalition plans to hand over responsibility for security in Afghanistan to the Afghan leadership by that time.

New SU-30CM Fighter Aircraft Made Its Maiden Flight Successfully

Russia's new Sukhoi SU-30CM jet fighter has completed its maiden flight, the aircraft's Designer Irkut Corporation said Friday.

"A test of the SU-30CM fighter has been conducted at an airfield in Irkutsk. The two-hour flight did not reveal any problem," the company said in a statement. The SU-30CM multipurpose fighter is the newest version of Russia's SU-30MK family. In March, the Defense Ministry ordered 30 SU-30CM airplanes to delivered to the Air Force by 2015.

The 22-meter-long fighter is capable of covering a distance of up to 3,000 km with a maximum speed of 2,125 km/h or Mach 2 on an altitude of 17.3 km. It is equipped with one machine gun, six middle-range guided missiles and eight non-guided bombs.

Russian Army To Field T-99 MBTs In 2015

The Russian Army is planning to begin modernize its armored and mechanized forces beginning in 2015, fielding a new family of vehicles comprising a new main battle tank, armored infantry fighting vehicles, and various support platforms. The MBT will be based on the new Armata, the prototype is scheduled to enter field trials in 2013, about 10 months ahead of schedule. First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said. The new tank is under development at Uralvagonzavod in Omsk. The first deliveries of the tank to the Russian Armed Forces are scheduled for 2015. A total of 2,300 MBTs are expected to be supplied by 2020.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Iran Unveiled Breakthrough In Missile Industry

Iranian defense ministry officials announced on Sunday that they plan to unveil a highly advanced cruise missile seen as a huge advancement in Iran's missile capability as its range is several times more than the country's most advanced cruise products.

"God willing, Meshkat (Lantern) Cruise Missile with a range of 2,000km will be unveiled in the near future," Deputy Defense Minister and head of the ministry's Aerospace Organization General Mehdi Farahi told FNA on Sunday.

"Meshkat Cruise Missile can be fired from land, air and sea," Farahi added.

He further pointed to the wide array of Iranian cruise missiles, saying Tehran's products include Zafar (Triumph), Nasr (Victory), Nour (Light), Qader (Mighty) and Ghadir.

He mentioned that the country plans to increase the number of its cruise collection to 14.

According to the General, Ra'd (Thunderbolt) and Meshkat are the latest products of Iran's cruise missile industry.

The new cruise missile, Meshkat, is widely believed to go on display during the military parades marking the Week of Sacred Defense in September.

As far as range is concerned, Iran's formerly best cruise missile could travel a distance not more than 300km, meaning that the country has stretched the range of its cruise missiles almost 7 times.

Iran has made giant progress in arms production, specially in area of missile technology, in the last decade.

Last September, Iran displayed its (then) latest cruise missile production Qader (Mighty) to the public during the military parades marking the Week of Sacred Defense.

Later in September, the Iranian Defense Ministry supplied large numbers of the Qader anti-ship cruise missiles to the Iranian Army's and the IRGC naval forces to boost the country's naval power.

The Iranian defense minister said at the time that Qader is an anti-ship cruise missile with a range of 200km and enjoys a short launch time and is able to hit all naval vessels, including frigates and warships, as well as onshore enemy targets.

Also on November 21, the Iranian Defense Ministry supplied a large number of highly advanced coast-to-sea cruise missiles to the Army's naval forces.

The move came on the verge of the National Navy Day on November 28.

A few months later in January the Iranian Navy fired a large number of anti-ship Qader cruise missiles during a series of exercises, codenamed Velayat 90, in international waters in the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean.

The successful firing of the missile which was a remarkable achievement of the Iranian scientists displayed the missile power of the Iranian navy during the last day of the ten-day drills.

Following the exercises, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Navy and Spokesman of the Drills Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Moussavi informed the media that the missile hit the specified targets with 100 percent precision and destroyed them completely.

He said the ultra-advanced missile system had remarkably improved in radar, satellite, precision, range and navigation terms compared to its predecessors

FARS News Agency

India Received First EMB-145 AEW&C Aircraft

India has received its first Embraer EMB-145 airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft.

The first of three aircraft was delivered at Embraer's São Josė dos Campos headquarters, says the Brazilian airframer.

The aircraft has undergone ground and flight tests, meeting targets set by Embraer and the Centre for Airborne Systems unit of India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Following the integration of DRDO mission systems, the aircraft will subsequently be handed over to the Indian air force. India ordered the three aircraft under a $208 million deal in 2008.