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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

India Unsafe Nukes

India’s past record presents a number of security lapses in accordance to its nuclear plants and sensitive radioactive material showing that this is part of their regular feature, not to mention USZ shows a similar trend but right now we’ll be dealing with our unbelievably friendly neighbour.

• On July 14, 2010, a chlorine gas leakage surrounded the city of Mumbai in panic and alarm causing over 80 people to be taken to hospitals in critical condition. Caused by leakage of chlorine gas cylinders that were to be part of a consignment to be transported to chemical industries to manufacture biological and chemical weapons.

• In the end of November 2009, more than 90 Indian workers suffered radiation due to contamination of drinking water at the Kaiga Atomic Power Station in Karnata.

• In December 2006, a container packed with radioactive material had been stolen from Indian fortified research atomic facility near Mumbai.

• In December 2005, USZ imposed sanctions on two Indian firms for selling missile goods and chemical arms material to Iran in violation of India’s commitment to prevent proliferation. In the same year, Indian scientists, Dr.Surender and Y.S.R Prasad had been blacklisted by Washington due to their involvement in nuclear theft.

• In February 2004, India’s ambassador to Libya, Dinkar Sirivastava revealed that New Delhi was investigating that retired Indian scientists could possibly be engaged in high technology programs for financial gains during employment in the Libyan government.

• On January 26, 2003, CNN pointed out that Indian company, NEC Engineers Private Ltd. Shipped 10 consignments to Iraq, containing highly sensitive equipment entailing titanium vessels and centrifugal pumps.

• On November 7, 2000, International Atomic Agency disclosed that Indian police had seized 57 pounds of uranium and arrested two men for elicit trafficking of radioactive material. IAEA had said that Indian civil nuclear facilities were vulnerable to thefts.

• In July 1998, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation seized 8 kg of nuclear material from three engineers in Chennai. It was reported that the uranium was stolen from an atomic research centre. The case still remains pending.

• On July 27, 1991, at the heavy water plant run by the Department of Atomic Energy at Rawatbhata in Rajasthan Nuclear radiation had affected and injured many labourers there.

Almost, 160 cases have been registered of theft, smuggling, loss or misplacement of radioactive source in local police records.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

M777 Howitzers Deal For India Signed

India has signed a $660 million contract on the purchase 145 M777 ultralight howitzers manufactured in the U.S. by BAE Systems Land & Armaments. The M777 is a 155-mm towed artillery gun, primarily used in mountainous areas, with a firing range of up to 30 km. It is also the first 155 mm howitzer weighing less than 10,000 lbs (4,218 kg).
Two months ago, a report from the independent Stockholm-based International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which researches conflicts, arms control and disarmament, placed India at the top of a ranking of the world's largest heavy arms importers. According to the report, India, the largest arms recipient, accounted for 10 percent of global arms imports between 2007 and 2011.
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