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Monday, December 19, 2011

“The Fall of Dhaka” Was Merely a Consequence of the Denial of Due Rights

The history had rarely seen the denial of due rights of the majority by the minority; however, this was rampant in Pakistan and the split of the East and the West Pakistan was due to nothing but merely a consequence of the denial of rights. This was said by the Central Organizer Junaid Fahmi and the members of the Central Organizing Committee MQM USA in a statement issued to commemorate the bitter remembrance of the fall of the east wing of the country on this day in 1971. The office-bearers of MQM USA said that the then rulers and feudal lords had forsaken the major part of the country in the interest of their petty and vested interests. They also said that the dissociation of the country in a mere period of 24 years shows the incapability and inability of the people who were then at the helm of the affairs and the history will never forgive them for putting this stigma on the nation which will be difficult to be washed off of the foreheads in centuries to come. They further added that the denial of due rights is the characteristic of the feudal mentality and this mentality is still operative in the form of discrimination in all walks of life and in all strata of the society in the country. They also said that the integrity and stability of the remaining part of the country lies in the magic words of “Equal Rights for All”. They said that in the presence of feudalism the stability and integrity of Pakistan is still at stake; however, they reiterated, MQM and its workers under the leadership of its leader Mr. Altaf Hussain are determined to protect the geographical and ideological boundaries of Pakistan.